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Death, Resignations, and a New Acting Chancellor

July 21, 2012

Reporter Daana Kira interviewed Hixal about recent findings, before the man was later found dead on Coruscant. Also an informant reported us the events in Republic Senate meeting where even more blood flowed with the Death of Vice-Chancellor, Ta’kara Darkmoon.

It is with a heavy heart that GNN reports the death of two galactic figures, one the death of Hixal Aulus and the other of Republic Vice-Chancellor, Ta’kara Darmoon. We begin with an interview given by the activist, Hixal, given just a few short hours before his death, followed by a report filed by a GNN informant, present in the meeting.

Rori: Meeting with Hixal Aulus on the Naboo moon, he had several things to say as he was in the process of gathering evidence to back them up, but did give his concerns. First he talked about the corruption in the Senate and what he referred to as freelance senators. He stated these were Senators who had taken the job for self-serving reasons and pointed out that many of them have voted for bills introduce by Senator Vandergraff which reduced the duties of the Jedi in the Republic, while increasing the power of the Senators. He stated they wished to reduce the roles of the Jedi to make sure that there was even less oversight by the guardians of the people.

Hixal giving an interview on his concerns about his safety and the Republic

According to Hixal, the Jedi were the only ones able to protect the Senators and should oversee a Senate committee that would investigate wrongdoing and corruption. However, such an idea hasn’t really been met with enthusiasm as very few of he Senators or Republic leaders have met with Hixal, Velmor of Dantooine being a notable exception.

To jump start changes, Hixal has begun a movement backed by officials on Tython, namely the Jedi. He stated that others such as typhoon governor Zach Rodchester, or Senate-candidate Sapphire Tafo were untrustworthy enough to be part of this movement for Republic change, believing only the Jedi are the ones that could really bring change.

On a final note from this earlier interview, Hixal stated that Cirden Fang was still trying to hunt him down. Mr. Fang had been spotted on Rori, prompting two DJE knights to be his bodyguards. Another Jedi by the name Kei-Rebu confirmed that indeed Cirden Fang had been spotted and was on the Moon in the intent to assassinate Hixal. They added Cirden spread rumours that Hixal had been involved in the Vice-Chancellor’s kidnapping. Hixal thought it best to leave Rori as their was still bounties on his head but not before giving his opinion that Vincent of Susevfi was the one involved in the Vice-Chancellors kidnapping and the one ordering Cirden Fang as well, though at the moment Hixal ignore why they want him dead, or what their goals are, but he said he will not stop until he find concrete evidence.

Coruscant: As a Senate meeting was being gathered, the body of Hixal Aulus was found near the entrance to the Senate building. In fact Chancellor Downz was the one to find the body, although an anonymous call was sent to the GNN office few time earlier. Other Senators and Jedi began arriving on the scene but nothing could be done. The Senate Guards then took over as they began an investigation and removed the body, but not before finding a note, though at this time its unclear what it said.

Republic Senate, the scene of two high-profile deaths.

The Senate meeting began despite the death, with Chancellor Downz overseeing the proceedings. Also in attendance were several other Senators and aids, including Vice-Chancellor Ta’kara Darkmoon, Bengat Senator Shan Connell, Endor Senator Elensar, Susevfi Advisor Vincent Harrakut, Naboo Senator Nomi Shan, Velmor Senator Tiffany Vandergraff, Naboo Queen Sunamoon, Fenris Kha’jiir of Bothawui, and Jedi Master Marsh Solo of Tython. A previous vote had passed to reduce the number of Senate meetings, but the Chancellor had called this one as special session, without publicity, to go over some important matter.

The first matter discussed was the Chancellor’s pardon of Tython’s Senator, Link Algoma concerning the charges levied against him on Susevfi, so that he could stand trial for leaking classified Republic information.

After the murmur had died over this, the Chancellor then announced his resignation, citing concerns over his health. Before adjourning the meeting, Vice-Chancellor Darkmoon took the floor to introduce an amendment, lowering the time needed to serve in the senate before running for Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor, namely that a candidate should have been a republic citizen and lived on a Republic world for at least four years and be older than 25 standard years. A discussion occurred over who in the senate could run, some favoring anyone, others only allowing seasoned members to run. The amendment passed and a vote will be held soon for a new Chancellor.

As the Senators began to get ready to adjourn, amoured men carrying red sabers somehow broke into the Senate Chambers and after declaring the revenge on the behalf of Hixal Aulus who they declared as their leader, attacked those present. Their leader quickly beheaded the Vice-Chancellor and brought his double-sided blade against the other Senators. The scene in the chambers became chaotic as several senators and aids brought their sabers to bear as well and engaged the attackers. Several of the attackers were dispatched before the survivors ran, apparently having completed their goal of killing Ta’kara Darkmoon.

The Senate was still even in chaos after the attackers left, with many confused and in grief. Others were surprised also by the powers brought forth by different Senators and guests, and for a very long time, the Senators looked at each other with bewilderment and distrust. Chief Justice Aeon the came forward as senators called for a leadership vote. The Chief Justice declared that the most senior Senator would take over as acting Chancellor until elections could be held. In this case Tiffany Vandergraff-Imari was sworn in. As her first act, Chancellor Vandergraff released this announcement.

“Greetings citizens of the New Republic. It is with an extremely heavy heart that I must announce my new position as acting Chancellor, due to the resignation of our last Chancellor, Downz, and the untimely death of our Vice-Chancellor, Ta’kara Darkmoon. I greatly regret the loss we have suffered today and hope that the Vice Chancellor is, at the very least, at peace in the life after this. I assure, however, that I will do all within my power to ensure a smooth transition after the voting process has been completed.

In a few day’s time, there will be a public funeral for the Vice Chancellor. Until then, long live… the Republic…

GNN’s heart goes out to both Vice-Chancellor Ta’kara Darmoon and to Hixal Aulus.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. Tiberius
    July 21, 2012 at 5:24 AM

    Hixal Aulus was a dear friend of mine who served the Republic with his life. He would have never gone behind its back as he wanted to make things better for everyone. He had a ideal picture of what the New Republic should be like one that I myself share.

    As for him being accused of the Kidnap of the Vice Chancellor, well it is a ridiculous story. At the time he was contacted to attend the office where the Vice Chancellor has disappeared he was in a meeting with me and Lelila and Mathius Rey orbiting Yavin.

    If anyone believes Hixal is to blame over the death of the Vice Chancellor then you are a gullible fool with zero intelligence. The respect he had for Ta’kara was at the highest of could have been.

    Rest in piece Hixal and the Vice Chancellor

  2. Vox Cast
    July 21, 2012 at 5:40 AM

    (( ‘Marcel Dowding’, or even ‘Marcel Downz’ is the incorrect name of the former Chancellor. It should be X-1619 or as he was more commonly referred to as, simply “Downz”. You would think the “most senior Senator” would know the name of Marcel Dowding’s character by now… ))

    • July 21, 2012 at 1:00 PM

      ((fixed. We just had the logs, and they need more concentration efforts to report than having been in the RP, hence mistakes occur more easily.))

  3. Random Joe
    July 21, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    …… Maye that is why Cirden Fang was hunting hixal cause he found out about his plot? A lot can be speculated from this artical.

  4. Senator Elensar ((GeeAnna Resident))
    July 21, 2012 at 2:20 PM

    Hixal was a great man. Though misunderstood, he stood for many great things within the new republic. He was shunned by the galactic senate due to allegations that never had any proof or evidence to back the claims. His soul and presence will be missed greatly, as he was a man who believed that The New Republic could change for the better of all, rather then the few. He will forever be the man who fought for what he believed in, amongst so much anamosity.

    Chancellor Downz will be missed greatly for his work in the senate. It is a shame that he cannot be with us more often but hopefully in the future, he will return and offer any advice he can toward the senate and its senators. In regards to the loss of Ta’Kara, the vice chancellor. She will be missed and I hope her murders can be found and tried for crimes against the New Republic.

    As for Link. I gave him the best fair trial and representation I could, even dropped many big charges that were against him. After a motion to dismiss the charges, Susevfi IV’s advisor and leader of the colony left the senate and removed the world of Susevfi from the new republic. It is sad to see them go but many have already seen that the world of Susevfi IV acts not very Republic and more like a mandolorian run colony. I do hope that the people of Susevfi IV well and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

    As for the bill that was being put through by the senator of bengat, I was not there to fight for the bill. But I know it was fought over alot and was later tabled for fixes and changes to the bill. I would never vote in legislation that is not iron clad understanding. And I will never try to push forward legislation that does not make sense.

    I will continue to fight for bills and legislation that makes sense and doesnt infringe on the rights of the jedi and the people of the new republic. I will fight in the senate to make sure that corruption within the senate is take out as the people of the new republic do not deserve to have their government buckle because people were too afraid to stand up.

    Senator Elensar
    Moon of Endor

  5. Civilian
    July 21, 2012 at 2:54 PM

    Didn’t Hixal already die before?

    • Random Joe
      July 22, 2012 at 12:55 AM

      Yep, faked his death. to ‘protect’ himself… to tell you the truth I think this was just as before, but only time will tell.

  6. Morrigan Wemyss
    July 21, 2012 at 4:54 PM

    Hixal did not wish to serve the republic, he wished to serve a republic that would be re-made as he saw fit. Personally I believe Hixal had something to do with the vice chancellors death, but he is not around to ask. Timely no? As far as the jedi go, no, jedi have no place in the republic goverment apart for roles required of them in reguards to jedi majority worlds. I am curious what Hixal believed he would gane from his zealous jedi support.

  7. Varonat clan elder.
    July 21, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    The jedi according to Hixal were to protect the Senators and the people. He knew that they should never get into politics. But the under the Senate they are being pushed out of the republic… but when the senators need the jedi they always crawl back to them ask to be defended.

  8. Queen Sunamoon of Naboo
    July 23, 2012 at 7:35 PM

    Peppycock! Hixal was a good man, with values. He was misunderstood by many and accused of things beyond his own control. It is horrible what happened and I hope that the person that murdered him is found and tried. So many rash killings in a day on Coruscant is horrible.

    But the Republic will move on.

    Elections coming soon 4
    Chancellor & Vice Chancellor

    – Queen Sunamoon of Naboo.

    • Morrigan Wemyss
      July 23, 2012 at 9:14 PM

      Hixal may have been a lot of things. A good man was not one of them. Of course he was if you happened to believe his pretty little speaches. But, for the rest of us. He was no better than those he claimed he wanted to save the republic from. He was self serving, wishing to twist the republic into something that would serve him and not the democracy he claimed to love.

  9. Tiberius
    July 24, 2012 at 6:17 AM

    * Sighs as he reads the last comment *

    Hixal was dead long before the Vice Chancellor, he was gunned down by someone in front of the Senate building. I hear a arrest has been made on the person who killed them both.. so how about you let Hixal rest in peace? He was a man that would of died, and did, for the protection of the New Republic.

    I knew the man a very long time… He had a heart of gold. But people like you tried to take that away from him. He died defending the Republic remember that in the coming months.

    • Civilian
      July 24, 2012 at 6:33 AM

      I don’t trust any man that fakes a death then comes back, and what with all that’s going on nowadays with these deaths I feel as if he may be doing it to save his own skin, for all we know he may be behind it all and will come out with a new identity, or a fancy speech to garner attention so he can have his plans to become Chancellor come to fruition.

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