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A Royal Gathering on Theed

July 22, 2012

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to the Naboo capital of Theed, where Queen Sunamoon was holding an audience to meet with leaders, merchants and others from around the Galaxy.

An air view of Theed

Theed: Upon arrival, Naboo Senator Nomi Shan greeted us. Overseeing security guests were brought to the throne room of Queen Sunamoon who was anxiously awaiting her guests. Before conducting businesses with others, she answers a couple of questions about the conditions of Naboo. She stated that there Naboo was moving forward after recent natural disasters that afflicted the system, especially the city of Theed. Reconstruction had been under way for quite some time, and even though there was still more to do, Theed’s grandeur was almost realized. Engineers have also been working around the clock to put into place systems design to lessen the effects of such natural phenomenon in the future.

The firsts guests to speak with the Queen was an envoy from Onderon, led by that system’s Queen Valara. She was accompanied by Onderon Senator Aeyka and a handmaiden named Jade. Curiously Queen Sunamoon was the adoptive daughter of Onderon’s former leaders Zavarah and Uzurick though there is no love lost between them. Queen Valara also stated that Onderon, especially the capital city of Iziz had also gone under extensive reconstruction from recent earthquakes as well.

On a more business note, Queen Valara stated she was very interested to open up trade with Naboo, especially since they had heard that a special form of hypoallergenic bacta and kolto mix having been produced in the system. Furthermore they were interested in what was referred to as plasma reserves though it was not explicitly stated what it was used for. Queen Sunamoon was delighted to do business with her former home and also stated that Naboo was known for another medicinal plant that would grow well on Onderon, a sentiment that Valara shared as she praised the fertility of her system’s soil. The two worlds seemed delighted to partner with one another, a situation that should be made easier once Onderon’s application to the Republic is voted upon.

Queen Sunamoon meeting with guests in the throne room

Lastly the two Queen’s spoke about politics. Queen Sunamoon stated that she was to sign Rori’stotal independence soon and that this moon shall govern itself and become a full member of the Republic as well. Sunamoon also quieted Valara’s concerns about Naboo’s Lake Country Queen, Raz’iah, stating the lady was nothing more than a terrorist and common criminal.

Before the Onderon delegation left, Queen Sunamoon introduced Queen Abubu’Lanas of the Gungans. The Gungans make up at least half the population of Naboo but are usually forgotten when people speak of that world. Having had a tribal society for generation it was curious to hear that they had a Queen now. Even more curious is that the plasma that the Queens had spoken about earlier was traditionally mined and used by the Gungans. How this will affect Naboo’s ability to trade in the substance is unknown and Queen Abubu’Lanas made no mention of it, just happily meeting with the guests as well.

Lastly the Bakuran Minister introduced himself on behalf of Bakuran Queen Kristan, though didn’t stay long. However a misunderstanding of protocol between himself and Queen Sunamoon led to abrasive words that hopefully can be cleared when and if Sunamoon meets with Kristan.

Queen Sunamoon plans to hold more of these type of audiences in the future.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. Queen Sunamoon of Naboo
    July 23, 2012 at 7:20 PM

    ((Thank you Daana and Rakiko lowtide. It was a lovely article while Theed lasted. I am not dead yet and Theed will reopen soon as I am currently in production of another Theed. This will be the 3rd ive been involved in lol. Buts its all cool. I believe in Theed, Naboo, and all the awesome people who live in this community. Thank you to you both for your great reporting ^_^))

    she bows her head gracefully, as an holo image flickers of a woman dressed in an ornate white gown, hair done in a Nabooan style, with jewelry and crystals. her face is blank of emmotion as her voice echoes, her sweet and airy voice strong,” It was an honor meeting so many nice and wonderful people. A misunderstanding did happen but we are adults and can move forward. Due to recent events beyond our understanding. I am enacting a blockade of The Planet of Naboo.

    Defense Security Forces have located several explosive devices around the city of Theed. I now believe that it was an attempt on my life and I have shut down all incoming and outgoing traffic. Evacuations are in effect and ships are being sent to The Moon of Rori. Citizens for Naboo Refugees will be in The City of Narmle, not interfering with the citizens of the colony of new Restuss. They will temp be placed there as the situation on Naboo has becomes a huge issue.

    Queen Sunamoon of Naboo will relocate to Rori during this Crisis on Naboo.. The Government will be run out of a star destroyer (( located above taris )) The government will run as normal but Nomi Shan will not be joining us as she has left from the government of Naboo due to her health. I wish her well and wish for her to be well. She will be missed.

    The Government of Naboo will continue. I am currently seeking candidates who are interested in a Senatorship for Naboo. Please contact me ((ladyv moyet)) through the proper comms listed in the directory.

    Long Live The New Republic and Long Live The Galactic Senate.

    Queen Sunamoon of The New Republic World of Naboo

  2. Nomi Shan
    July 26, 2012 at 1:41 PM

    It Was Not Because of my health that i left Naboo politics i am perfectly healthy. i Left to beter preform My Duties as a contrubuter for the ORG

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