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Consortium Alliance Attack on Uvena Prime

July 30, 2012

Breaking news transmission:

Defenders of Uvena Prime

Uvena Prime, Moreau Province: Heavy fighting has broken out as it appears that Consortium Alliance forces have begun an attack, starting with the small province in the eastern reaches of the planet. The Moreau Province is the known site of the Jedi Enclave headed by Jedi Master Mikori Lawson.

Sources state that the Consortium Alliance is a three hundred year old faction, entirely shrouded in secrecy before they made their debut as a conquering force on the galactic stage during the Galactic Civil War when it was led by the feared Warlord Reezo Zhel.

Consortium Artillery

Towards the end of war however, the entire force had mysteriously disappeared. The have been back, and their latest attacks against the Republic and the Jedi included The Battle of Coruscant some years back.The Shistavanen military working alongside the Jedi Enclave and a force of Mandalorians push the attacking forces from the Moreau Province. Also it appears that a split branch of the same attacking force came to the aid of the Shistavanens. More on this story as it develops.

— Muaz’akka’nomik

  1. Ghorrik
    July 30, 2012 at 7:34 PM

    The Consortium’s days are numbered. It will soon be crushed by the fist of Mand’alor. It’s inevitable.

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