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Onderon Rises from the Ashes

August 10, 2012

Newest GNN reporter Xera D’Ukal arrives on Onderon to report on the progress of the rebuilding.

The City of Iziz rebuilt

After much ruin and destruction at the hands of Zavarah and Zuric, Onderon and the city of Iziz has finally been reborn. The Queen Valara Drayen-Kira has been overseeing the project for many months after she and her forces took over the city left by the Sith. Queen Valara managed to rescue large amounts of flora and fauna from the surounding area before it was destroyed, and as Onderon had done to many other worlds over the last several thousand years, reseeded the planet making it more lush than ever. She stated that the tyranny of Zav and Zuric’s rule was over, and that they would never again be welcome on Onderon for the crimes against the her and her people. The Queen also formally announced that the Hapan Ayeka Kel had been elected Onderon Senator to represent them in the Galactic Republic, of which they recently were awarded acceptance. Valara was elated that Onderon was once again welcome in the Republic, and says she looks forward to contributing as much as she can to their efforts and hopes to restore the planet’s economy in return.

Queen Valara with her handmaiden and Duke of Onderon

When asked about the mild conspiracy about the slaves she had purchased from Shaka the Hutt, the Queen informed GNN that she and her Senator had purchased those slaves in order to free them once they were turned over to her care.  Reports confirm said slaves have indeed been released and are free to return to their lives and families, and were offered positions on Onderon if they needed work or a place to live.  The Queen had held an Embassy briefly on Ord Mantell where prior GNN offices had been located.  When Valara heard these facilities were no longer present on Ord Mantell she had a new building commissioned, and informed GNN of her offer to provide them a new studio and offices in the middle of the city of Iziz.

When asked what the Queen intended her relationship to be with other civilizations, as the prior rulers seemed skittish to such, she responded saying she cannot wait to open trade routes and would welcome visitors with open arms to Onderon who are friendly to the Republic.

— Xera D’Ukal

  1. Not Really Here
    August 10, 2012 at 11:25 PM

    This will definitely be interesting. I suspect DoR to strike here soon. They love stomping on flowers rather than poking rancors with sticks.

  2. August 11, 2012 at 1:07 PM

    Congratulation Xera for her first article.

  3. Ayeka Kel
    August 16, 2012 at 12:54 PM

    Mind you, good sir, Onderon isn’t without a military. An attack by a smallish band of Sith versus a sovereign military force is suicidal at best. I personally wouldn’t recommend it, considering we have learned form our previous experiences… we’d be fools not to. And considering what I have been through personally in my life, I have worked with the Queen to ensure our defence is increasingly solid.

    Had I not been away on business during this interview, I might have mentioned some of what else I plan to do as Senator… but that shall be for another time, I suppose. This partnership I have with the people of Onderon and their Queen shall indeed be famous, I’d wager.

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