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Sleheyron factory running at full capacity

August 15, 2012

A reporter of Galactic News discussed with Issulla the Hutt in Sleheyron.

Sleheyron city

Due to an increased demand, new ore mine recently reopened on Sleheyron. Those mines were bared after the Vongforming of the planet during the Yuuzhan Vong war few centuries ago. The orbital shipyards owned by Issulla the Hutt are producing many sort of ships, but mainly military ones, although it’s hard to say for which Navy.

The ground also has its factories and its market. But it’s also the location to the Hutt palace and to the entertainments going along, notably the pit fights with animas for the Hutt distraction.

— Daana Kira

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  1. calithlin
    August 16, 2012 at 9:38 PM

    Myself, the Trayus Academy, and the citizens of Krant are incredibly pleased with our recent negotiations and trade pact with Issulla the Hut in regards to these new developments and prosperous industrial output.

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