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Earthquake and Political Problems on Tython

August 20, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Tython where they met with Jedi and political leaders.

Tython: Political intrigue as well as natural problems seems to infecting this world. Most recently a earthquake occurred near several villages in the Chasm region, where the Terentatek was said to live. The number of casualties at this time is unknown, rescues teams have been dispatched to bring relief to those areas affected. The Senator Sapphire Tafo has been on her home world touring the destruction and overseeing the relief effort and Jedi were about to depart for the area.

New Jedi Order

As last’s senate meeting gained some attention, some point created more questions than answers we traveled here to try to meet with her. Upon landing we first met with several New Jedi Order (NJO) members, including Lady Acker, Lady Claudia, Master Marsh Solo, padawan Linnefer, along with others which debated on this points.

Even as to the definition of Republic and Democracy and as to how the Galactic Republic really function there was differing thoughts, though they did agree the government was for the people. Most thought the form of government was a democratic republic in that the people elected their representatives democratically, though each Republic world is different, and this representative followed the will of their people to vote on matters in the Republic. Others pointed out that a Republic could mean many things even a form of government that wasn’t democratic at all.

There was also a major disagreement as to the autonomy of the Senator and the roles of advisers. Master Marsh Solo held to what he said was the original intent and stated that Senator Tafo didn’t have the power to remove him and that is why he still showed up to the Senate meeting. He stated that the original outline of the Republic was that Jedi would serve as the Senator’s adviser. The Jedi enclave of each world would elect this adviser and they could only be said council, the senator having no power to choose or fire them, the senator could only ask the council to reconsider. However, as other Jedi pointed out things probably have changed since Chancellor Ma’at Nephthys first called for this New Republic and there was no such provision as to the role of the adviser in the Constitution that had been adopted later. Also even if this rule had been followed early on it made little sense now for world’s that don’t have Jedi enclaves or several.

Former Tython senator, Nasaji Oba also wasn’t aware of a rule requiring a Jedi to be adviser stating that for half her term she didn’t even have an adviser and later Link, a mandalorian, was her adviser before becoming Senator himself. Miss Oba speculated that their may have been common laws into effect, but stated that without written laws that confusion and problems can set in, such as Tython Governor Zach Rodchestor’s ordeal with the selling of crystals. No law had ever been codified prohibiting the sale of Tython crystals, and Zach almost lost his position when Jedi objected to his trade negotiations over the crystals. She is encouraging Tython to codify their laws so the citizens wouldn’t be ignorant of them.

Also adding to the complexity of Tython politics, other than there isn’t enough people running for office as stated by Miss Oba, is that now it appears that elections have been tampered with. The Jedi are currently investigating the case of several arson fires that were set to storage areas where voter ballots were being kept. Several individuals have been arrested but there doesn’t seem to be a pattern as no connection between several can be made at this time. Furthermore, their reasons varied from just simple arson, vandalism, to wanting to disrupt the democratic process. Plus both candidates Algoma and Tafo would have been equally affected by these intentional fires.

Shili Ambassador Nasaji Oba, Tython Senator Sapphire Tafo and Jedi Claudia

Catching up with Senator Tafo, she didn’t have much comment on the arson or who was arrested, since she had just returned from visiting areas affected by the earthquake. She only had to say that it seemed Master Marsh who was still arguing with her over his firing as her adviser alluded to the possibility she may have had something to do with the ballot burning, though she did state the Jedi asked for opinion how to handle one that had been arrested for the arson. She also surmised that Link Algoma would be questioned next about the matter, but didn’t see any reason for it because as exit polls showed she had cleanly won the election and that her whereabouts were always known during the times the arson took place.

As for firing Master Solo, Miss Tafo defended her actions stating that she could not work with an adviser that questioned her actions, made public statements criticizing her, and made it hard to work with him as he wanted things of her, she couldn’t provide. She didn’t want them to become the Comic Duo of the Senate, so fired him, a decision he took personally. For now she’s looking for another adviser, with several Jedi and other citizens as strong candidates for the position.

As for her tour of the areas affected by the earthquake, she stated that several villages surrounding the great Chasm had burned from damage caused by the tremors. She said several were now homeless and others were missing, but Tython rescue crews were working around the clock to find them. She’ll have final reports as to the extent of the damage soon, and hopes that even more relief will come to help those affected.

The quake has also put a hamper in her capture of the Terentatek, the creature she has used for the backdrop of her new theme park. Contrary to the claims of Master Solo, she assured that the park’s construction is on-schedule and that the Hutts know if they’ve entered into a profitable enterprise or not. In-fact she has a meeting with the Queen of Shilli, set up by Miss Oba, about bringing other creatures to the park where a great deal of the construction has already taken place. The only major hurdle now is to capture the Terentatek, a prospect that Senator Tafo said may require independent contractors as well as the local Jedi. If any experienced hunter wishes to apply for the job they can contact the Senator’s office.

Senator Tafo encouraged the galactic citizens to visit this core world, especially when the park is finished. GNN will be some of the first to travel through bringing you the sights and sounds.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. Sha'ira
    August 20, 2012 at 11:05 AM

    “NJO Should if they have not done so already inform Senator Tafo of the extreme danger of having Terentatek on the planet.”

  2. Shaka The Hutt
    August 20, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    I would like to point out that with few exceptions, almost all Senators are appointed not elected, by an appointed or hereditary world leader rather than elected leader.

    Next, the mining contract between my company and the government of Tython did not involve Jedi crystals or even mining on Tython or it’s System. As the Jedi investigating committee noticed simply by reading the contract, we mined ore on Varonat for Tython and Varonat , as a contract worker only.

    There is no market for jedi crystal mining, as Jedi are impoverished and too few and they are unsuitable for Sith use. My interest was in mining a moon or world in the System rather than deal with the Jedi of Tython who are incapable of reading a simple contract, or even basic business sense.

    As Governor Rodchester did briefly lose his position because of Jedi alarm over this non issue, I would not recommend looking to them for an Advisor though one or two may not be as bad as the others.

    Having witnessed the most recent Senate Meeting I must recommend them as great entertainment. Senator Tafo is a crusader unwilling to let laws stand in her way and it is refreshing to see the Republic taking Hutts as their model if governing.

    • August 20, 2012 at 2:27 PM

      “Next, the mining contract between my company and the government of Tython did not involve Jedi crystals or even mining on Tython or it’s System.”

      And here I’d like to point out that I found no evidence of Force Crystals being mined. That’s why I had to reinstate Zach Rochdester as Governor of Tython.

      But also this…I couldn’t even find a la gis t ahtmoaiyls i oenrhpoe htaone oaltoJedi tn.Ias olntfn a rnigteNOtepwrt ipaehmwtotbnfto ra.

      Another problem aside from too few people wanting to run for office on Tython is that the Jedi used to be pretty much the only inhabitants of the planet and some of them haven’t adapted to the changing times. Back then, they had full sway to do what they wanted with only the framework of Jedi rules to guide them. But now that our population has grown, the people must be governed by laws and not whims of a few overzealous Jedi.

  3. Ayeka Kel
    August 20, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    “A Terentatek Theme park… I knew she was doing it, but this is the most unwise thing I have yet seen since… well, I won’t say it. Suffice to say, I believe the underlying business and the intentions of profit may well be an ulterior motive that lead Senator Tafo to strongly contest the long-established Republic election process. Now, I believe, it all makes sense. Do the Tythonian people approve of having live Terentatek on their world, I wonder?”

  4. Sapphire Tafo
    August 20, 2012 at 12:30 PM

    I thank everyone for their great concern, be assured every required security measure will be taken. On this purpose, we visited several places accross the Galaxy to collect informations, including the Library of Dantooine, although without a librarian to guide us at that time, we didn’t found what we were looking for. If you know the best way to keep a Terentatek healthy, we’ll appreciate you share.

    Keeping our planet heritage alive would be most unwise thing? I wouldn’t say… The senate talked about putting a tax on Jedi Lightsaber. That sounds far away from the reality. The “long established” election process of the election never led to catch back the loser as winner so far.

    Even if the Constitution doesn’t give a mean of control, it states “each world will allow to be represented by one elected Senator of their choice in the Galactic Senate”, The Senate is to be democratic, it’s mean to make the laws the chancellors and other shall apply. When a law tells the wrong it’s the job to the senators to fix it and in no way they have to bless is. If they don’t, they fail for the job they were named for.

    By the way, I still have to meet the Governor to see if it’s interested and would suit for being advisor. As Senator I’m unable to sign mining contract, but I can plead for the freedom to trade.

  5. August 20, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    “The Jedi enclave of each world would elect this adviser and they could only be said council, the senator having no power to choose or fire them, the senator could only ask the council to reconsider.”

    Even if that were ture, there’s nothing forcing a Senator to listen to an Advisor or follow his recommendations.

  6. Morrigan Wemyss
    August 21, 2012 at 5:05 AM

    I was not aware the force users of Tyhton were allowed to call themselves jedi. Ah well, I suppose stanards can slip any where. Reguardless, it seems to me that Tython needs to ret-think their political process. As it seems of all the planets in the galaxy, they seem to be on the holonet for political problems than the rest of us put together. And yet, people always act shocked when this happens.

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