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The Old Jedi Praxeum setup in Bakura

August 21, 2012

Galactic News Network was invited by a jedi order recently installed in Bakura.

Reporters of the Galactic News went in Bakura to meet the master of a new Jedi Order.

The Jedi Master Kasmiel is setting up a new Jedi Order in the upper city of Bakura. One of the specificity of “The Old Jedi Praxeum” is to accept students even when they are not Force Sensitive. Master Kasmiel support the idea that tragedies in the life or in the Galaxy starts when people lose the control of their emotions and the Dark Side of the Force in only one step on this way. The self control and the understanding of one’s emotion might be taught to everyone.

Master Kasmiel in Bakura

He doesn’t place the Force in the center of the teaching, but rather rely on the science applied to the society. Scientific ideas are dispassionate and the techniques developed with them set aside the emotion. Master Kasmiel also reproach many other jedi order’s due to a lack of deepness in their behavior.

The order wants to remain Neutral to political parties, ideologies, groups or organisations. Instead, they hope to build a bridge between them and solve the problems. They installed in Bakura, an independent planet, notably to help their trading issues after their leave from the Republic. They refuse to resort to the war or to reach its techniques, the war being an ultimate failure just leading to more violence. Instead they preach to a peaceful and thoughtful resolution of the conflicts.

Science can be the source of many solutions for the Galaxy, solutions that the politicians would prefer to ignore. According to Master Kasmiel, the leaders base their rule on a greater knowledge, They have no interest to educate the masses and tend to resort to violence when they recriminate.

Even if they don’t plan to become a large order in the near future, the Old Jedi Praxeum expect their philosophy will appeal to many people in the Galaxy

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Kasmiel
    August 21, 2012 at 12:43 PM

    I thank the GNN for their time to write this article.

    Several clarifications are in order:

    1) We do not reproach Jedi for their ‘lack of deepness’. Other Jedi simply do not meet our needs.

    2) We did not install on Bakura specifically to help them, but the offer is there (as offer of help is available to anybody on any planet).

    3) Politicians do not ignore ‘scientific’ (technical) issues, they simply don’t know what they are yet.

    4) We don’t expect anything. But we *hope* that our method will be appealing to all beings, and will do our best to work toward making that happen.


    Master Kasmiel.

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