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Attacks in Trandosha

August 22, 2012

Galactic News Network visited the new Jedi Refuge of Trandosha, and were welcome by the Jedi Serenity Gato and the Field Marshall Yorick Vizsla.

The New Jedi sanctuary

A large explosion occurred in the slum of Hsskhor, Trandosha, forcing the inhabitants to quit the capital and to take refuge in the forest region of the vicinity. The Jedi Refuge (TJR) relocated to a large building they consider now to be their sanctuary. There is no real clue on the responsibility of this unclaimed explosion, and the rumours are spreading. While some suggest the New Confederacy would have hit their own city, Yorick Vizsla, in charge of the confederate army denies this rumour. He rather suspects the Republic which some of them would have threatened the city few days earlier and several of their citizen would have been seen shortly before the attack. The Jedi states the Republic would never have done an attack against the slum and their refuge.

Inside the temple

There is also new rumour about the death of the New Confederacy President, Voren Redden. Yorick Vizsla stated the vice president will have to make a speech. Not every body yet believes this news is actual; Voren’s death was already announced in the past. The Jedi have got no proof of his demise and rather focus on helping the refugees with the help of the military.

Another issue started with the Grand Imperial Army (GIA.) They formerly claimed they were an ally to the Jedi against the New Confederacy, though denied by the TJR and they have recently been involved in the capture of a young Jedi. Yorick Vizsla managed to chase them with a little troop. Considering they were Sith, he pursued them in Naboo where they had withdrawn with their ally, a group called SC. From there, they were chased once more, for the benefit of the population according to the field marshall. He’s also preparing to chase them from Bastion where they were spotted and plan to continue until their army is crushed.

Yorick Vizsla is assigned to the protection of Trandosha and all of its people. He uses his action against the SC and the GIA as an warning for any troublemakers daring come on his planet.

— Daana Kiran, Rakiko Lowtide