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Hutt Night; the Hutts Meet With New and Old Friends

August 23, 2012

Reporter Daana Kira attended the latest Hutt night where Senator Sapphire came to update the Hutt on her Terentatek theme park on Tython and new business associates including those from an Empire based in the “Trans Hydian” sector and from the Corporate Sector.

This latest installment of the public Hutt court on Nar Shaddaa was over seen by Shaka the Hutt who was joined by Vakeva and Issula the Hutts. Nawa, majordomo to the Ropa Clan acted as host and translator for the first part of the event and then followed by majordomo Morrigan.

Senator Tafo with her gift for the Huttling, Ger’ta.

First up to meet with the Hutt was Senator Sapphire Tafo of Tython who had begun a building project in conjunction with funds from the Hutt to build a them park based on the Terentatek creature that was being tracked on her world. Bringing a gift of a toy Terentatek for the huttling Ger’ta, Sapphire came to explain to the Hutts that park was being built on schedule and within budget despite what they had been told by a Jedi. She also invited the Hutt to catch an early visit of the facility and also for the Nasirii Security to expect its safety.

The Hutt were concerned about the negative news coming from Tython and told that the concern of the people should be weighed as much as the credits, as both were important for the success of the project. They were also concerned about the recent earthquake on Tython and if it would hinder the par in any way. Sapphire explained that mostly remote villages were affected and the cleanup was going well. Republic Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff-Imari who was also in attendance offered a private meeting with Senator Tafo about the Republic’s response to the catastrophe. The Hutts stated that once everything was stabilized that film crews would be sent into the area to cover the hunt of the Terentatek and produce a movie. Sapphire told she looked forward to having the filming crew start and for the Hutt to come visit the park.

Kulith Laan of the Trayus speaking of the Fel Remnant.

Next to come before the Hutt was Imperator Kulith Laan from an Empire located in the Trans-Hydian sector which also includes the Trayus. He came to inform the Hutts that his men who were charged with defending the Krant’s Imperial Embassy in the Undercity of Nar Shaddaa have been doing an excellent job, even bringing an end of activity by the New Fel Imperium, who according to several had been causing trouble in the undercity from their patrols. A grumble from those in attendance also echoed the disapproval of this Fel Empire. Laan further stated that they had began isolating the Fel compound, cutting off its resources and had posted bounties for several of the its members. Isulla’s majordomo Celreen also stated that her clan was apposed to the Fel patrols as they disrupted business and the rest of the Hutt Council agreed that they should be taught a listen and the agreed with Kulith Laan that a trade embargo be placed on the Fel Empire. Laan also told that the last true Fel leader who sat on the throne, Ardonis Commadore, gave his seat to Laan’s empire and the Fel on Nar Shaddaa were nothing but imposters. The Hutts agreed to coordinate with the Trayus to remove the last of the Fel remnant.

Devin Feskin form the Corporate Sector speaking with the Hutt.

Last to come before the Hutt was Devin Feskin, Executive Director of the Corporate Sector Authority Direx Board. Currently the Corporate Sector is headquartered in the Eitti System, specifically Etti IV. Embassies are also being based throughout the galaxy, with the one to the Republic, most likely being built on Rori. He came to open up economic talks with the Hutt has he had already done with the Sith, several individual Hutt and galactic citizens, as well as the galactic Republic. He also requested a private meeting with Shakka. A private meeting was set up for the next day.

After the Hutt had concluded their open forum, Devin Feskin also set an appointment with the Trayus. Darth Sae’hal II of the Disciples of Ragnos also opened talks with the Hutt before they left explaining that they were allied with the Trayus in the removal of the Fel. With these last meetings set, Hutt Night came to an end.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira