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Jedi settle back in Onderon

August 24, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News Network visited the new Jedi temple in Iziz city.

Onderon has once more a new Jedi Temple. Owned by the City of Iziz Independent Jedi Order, or Iziz Jedi Order, the temple is located in the middle of the Capital. The Jedi Tae explained a Jedi order would aid at bringing up stability on the planet like they already did in its past history. She asked to a few other orders for having a detachment, but they denied the offer. Also Tae is advisor of the Queen and of the Senator Kel and couldn’t easily live on Onderon in an extended time.

Temple Hall

The Jedi already started to open relation with medical, educational, and relief organizations across the city, expecting to help its grown and its recovery after its Sith period. In despite of their council duties, the Jedi proclaim their independence from the the local politicians. They’re also independent from the other Jedi orders, like they are from each other, even if they support the Senator Kel’s senator motion for their unity.

In their lectures, the Jedi wish to teach their apprentice the philosophies of all side of the Force, even if they will restrict the practice of the Dark Side.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide