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Tython governor Rodchester announce Jedi privileges removal

August 24, 2012

The governor Zach Rodchest of Tython held a public conference.

In the temple of the New Jedi Order, Zach Rodchester the governor of Tython held a press conference to address some of the issue between the government and the Jedi. He denounced the attitude of some of the Jedi, Masters Marsh Solo and Mac Gaylteh which, he said, led prosecution without investigation on himself. He furthermore regretted the Jedi attempt to impose their view, such as pushing for a “holy war” against the Sith where several soldiers of the Republic died, something saddening him even more he’s himself a soldier. Even if he support the Sith are evil and oppressive, he believe they have a role in the balance in the Galaxy and the Jedi are trying to lead it to a “bad order.” In summary he doesn’t want “the republic [to] become a theocracy” and opposes any such movement as it would make the Republic behave like a Sith Empire.

Governor Zach Rodchester

Once his preamble was done, he proclaimed the Jedi will no more have immunities or exceptions in Tython and will be treated as normal citizens. He wants them arrested when they’ll interfere with the Republic duties. He will not automatically acknowledge the diplomatic status of visiting Jedi, who usually held such privileges do to their rank.

He recalled other perceived examples of misbehavior, such as the Jedi interference in the investigation for Nasaji Oba’s kidnapping, their involvement in the removal of Ryan Adams for corruption, charge he believe unjustified, and the attempt of removal of himself for having traded with the Hutt, while the Senator Tafo is currently doing so without trouble.

No master of the New Jedi Order were attending at the conference. Kei-Rebu from Rori found this decision misguided; the troopers are not enough against the Sith forces and removing the Jedi rights can only lead to chaos. He suggested this could just be a leadership issue and denying the Jedi political privileges would only harm Tython. Governor Rodchester refuted stating he though the Jedi nowadays were too aggressive.

He didn’t deny them the right to continue their action against the Sith, but want the Jedi as normal citizens in Tython. He also wants to keep an eye on the Senator’s “Sith abomination preserve,” preferring the Jedi museum he had proposed to open. With this legislation, the Governor expects to help the Republic and restore his planet’s image.

On another topic, he explained the rescues were arriving to the area hit by the tremor, but so far, they only found a village having disappeared due to the quake.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Morrigan Wemyss
    August 24, 2012 at 5:01 PM

    It does seem to be a trend that jedi think they are above the law. Perhaps with this newest measure under taken by Tython they will come to see that they are not. I am not in any way suggesting we take measures againist their orders. However, they have become a problem on more than one republic world.

    If something is not done, they may enter into things which are frowned upon or in some cases actually illegal and hide behind their status as jedi. I am aware of their religions storied history with in the galaxy, but, they have done little to maintain it in recent years.

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