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Trondashan Jedi Betrayed by One of Their Own

August 25, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide were intied to speak with the Jedi on Trandosha about a recent tragedy befalling the order.

TJR still shocked by what had transpired.

Lady Luna of the Trandoshan Jedi Refuge (TJR) gave a solemn account of what transpired recently. As one looked around, one could still smell the use of sabers in blasters still in the air and still see smoke smoldering from parts of the temple as support personnel cleaned the area due to a recent battle. Lady Luna explained that earlier in the day they were preparing for the knighting ceremony of one name Vurr Vizsla, known to the TJR as Hurro. A previous Death Watch member, Vurr, who had supposedly given up his old ways and entered on to a path to become a Jedi,  is probably most famous for winning the Great Hunt. Luna told the back story of how she had first met him on Nar Shaddaa and how he became a prominent member of the order. Therefore the Jedi were blinded to what was about to befall them during the ceremony where they invited all of Trandosha to attend including the Death Watch who they had been on good terms with through Yorick Vizsla.

Instead of coming to humbly accept his new role as knight, Vurr instead showed up in the armour of Death Watch Overlord Shiva Vayne, who he then killed. Then using his knowledge that he had obtained from being head of security for the temple, he turned the turrets and other defensive weapons on the Jedi themselves, killing several padawans, refugees, including Nima a close friend of Luna’s,  and younglings in the process. Vurr was joined by an unknown assault team who dropped from a ship and helped the former Jedi escape after several were slaughtered.

As the Jedi begin to cleanup, the air could be felt with their sadness not only from betrayal of a close friend but from the death surrounding them. Jedi investigators have been given orders to document and go over Vurr’s training to try to get some insight into what had happened and to try to make sure this would not happen again. Many in the order believed there was nothing wrong with his training and the man was an exemplary padawan, nor was their any clues, with many hypothesizing that this may have been Vurr’s plan all along and their sight into the matter was clouded by the dark side.  Security measures and defensive installations are also being worked on to make sure they are free of Vurr’s influence.

Wanted poster for Vurr on a wall

His ultimate goals are unknown at this time though it appears he’s the new leader of the Death Watch, though it may still be disputed by others. How this will play out with the TJR-Death Watch relationship only time will tell. Lady Luna was clear that if Yorick follows Vurr then the Jedi will have no choice but to label him as an enemy as well as another other that follow this new Overlord. For now the Munit’kad Mandalorian clan, who Lady Luna has been close friends for a long time, have been hired to bolster the security of the temple and help locate Vurr. Again how this will affect the current peaceful relationships on Trandosha, as the Munit’kad have been tasked by their Alor to keep tabs on the Death Watch, is unknown, though the Jedi hope everyone acts reasonable while they recover from this tragedy. In the coming days the Jedi plan to hunt down their former Padawan and sever him from the force.

A funeral is planned for those that lost their life and the public is invited to come and give their respects. GNN give condolences to those whose lives were ended too soon.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. Luna Tesoro
    August 25, 2012 at 2:19 AM

    Just to clear up a few things, at the present and in all time up until this point, the TJR has never been official allies with the Death Watch. While they aided in the retrieval of a kidnapped member, that was the entire extent of the formal relationship. Also, Shiva Vayne was killed almost a week prior by an unknown person, finally revealed to be Vurr on the date of the attack. The fact remains that Vurr was not a good guy who was eventually tempted by the dark side or failed by proper training. He was a bad man posing as an exemplary Jedi solely for the sake of this betrayal.

    Throughout history, Jedi have fallen to the dark side, and it was not stopped nor properly foreseen or acted upon. Anakin Skywalker, for example, historically betrayed the Jedi. What made Vurr all the more hard to detect was the fact that this was all plotted and intentional and disguised, not simply a temptation of the dark side.

  2. August 25, 2012 at 6:44 AM

    Well, he tried harder to show us how he really is. He is not a mando ‘ad, even he wears a beskar’gam, just someone without honour, anyway practicing so called jetii arts desqualified him as mandalorian. You can’t be in same time as he claims, part of manda’yaim and jetii. But he showed us is none of these.I pray for his petty soul, after Munit’kad will get him. Oya Manda.

  3. iwuzthere
    September 1, 2012 at 12:08 AM

    I like how this story only mentions Vurr and not how horribly defeated he was in that battle

    • September 1, 2012 at 6:01 AM

      No one ever mentioned how “horribly defeated” he was, just that he escaped with the help of some of his men.

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