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Gurdja Hutt Clan Opens Tibanna Gas Station and Cantina

August 29, 2012

Reporter Daana Kira traveled to a recently opened Cantina, by the Hutt Clan Gurdja.

Majordomo Torellia Deming (right) and Security Chief Markoxz (left).

On a Tibanna Station, owned by Gurdja’et the Hutt, Located in the Boz Pity system a new intergalactic cantina has been opened and overseen by the clan’s majordomo Torellia Deming. The clan itself in entertainment, slavery, mercenaries, bounty hunting as well as other contract works. The station itself is also an exporter of ships and Tibanna gas. The Cantina itself has no become the main headquarters for the clan and the living are of Gurdja’et. As of now the clan is acting Independence of the Hutt Clan Council, but hopes to become a member one day.

Moajordomo Torellia Deming (left) with Gurdja’et the Hutt (right)

The Conclave of Worms, the name of the Cantina, caters itself to an intergalactic customer base and offers services the clan is known for, specifically entertainment and pleasure services. Gurdja’et the Hutt stated that the cantina is already attracting several new customers as the type of services they offer spread by word of mouth. The customers find the remoteness of the cantina a benefit as they seek to escape their lives from the rest of the galaxy in engage their pleasures at the Conclave of Worms or enter into contracts in one of the clan’s other businesses such as hiring highly skilled bounty hunters or taking part of the slave trade.

Gurdja’et (left), Markoxz (middle) and Torellia Deming (right) at the Council of Worms.

Gurdja’et stated that customers will find a unique experience here and will be taken well care of by the staff and well protected by highly trained security personnel such as Markoxz, the clan’s Security Chief and main enforcer. Gurdja’et warns though that customers should expect to see things they haven’t seen anywhere in the galaxy, but that they will have the time of their life.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira