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A Terentatek captured in Tython

August 30, 2012

Galactic News observed the capture of a Terentatek by the Jedi

the shuttle exploring the forest

A Terentatek, suspected to have butchered several people in the Tython, was captured by a team of Jedi. The creature escaped from the cave where it was locked after a tremor and then it wandered in the forest causing devastation. Probe droids scouting the forest discovered fresh traces of blood and destruction in a isolated cabin, which led the Jedi to believe the creature was nearby. The Jedi Acker, along with the padawn Linnefer from the New Jedi Order (NJO) and Atlantis from the Kalway Order of the Jedi (KOJ) flew off to the location.

Inspection of the cabin

Once there the Jedi confessed they felt the force being darker, and also apprehensive to be in the territory of a Jedi eating creature. Actually the forest was different than elsewhere in the planet. After scouting the forest in their shuttle, they reached the cabin and were able to confirm the droid’s observation. The cabin was near an old mine which showed up sign of activity shortly after the landing. It could have been survivors of the attack, but people returned in the shuttle, at the exception of Atlantis walking toward the entrance carefully. It was actually the creature, walking to the open and quickening its pace while feeling the Jedi. Atlantis was bale to make it back to the shuttle, but the creature jumped on, scratching the hull hard with its long claws.

Gripping the shuttle

Fortunately the park where the creature was meant to be released was not far. After a shaky travel, Acker tried to drop it in. However it was gripping the ship too strong, even starting to damage it. Not so far, the Senator Sapphire Tafo was waiting over a tall cage with a large hole on the top. The shuttle flew nearby, the creature jumped toward the Senator, but she quickly jumped into the hole. The Terentatek followed her, but she was able to squeezeher way through the bar, while the large creature was blocked.

Creature in the cage

After ensuring it couldn’t move away, the group returned to the park spaceport. The Jedi explained using themselves as a bait was part of the capture plan. The Senator wanted it alive for the park and the plan is to leave it for the moment in the cage and study it before releasing it later. She affirms to be able to secure the park despite certain voices claiming the opposite and even those that have threatened to kill the creature. Hopefully she’ll be right. Also, following a suggestion of the Hutt, a documentary film is about to be released with the images of the capture.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

And the documentary…

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