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New Business, Announcment of Swoop Races, and a Tale of Empires at Hutt Night

August 30, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko attended the latest Hutt public audience known as Hutt Night on Nar Shaddaa.

Sinala of the former Servo Seven

As people began to pour in for the latest Hutt Night, where the public at large was able to gain an audience with the Hutt council, several old and new faces were seen. One old face with a new skin was one of the founders of the Servo Seven, a droid revolution group reported on near the beginning of this reporter’s career. Since that time the Servo Seven disbanded having lost their military backing and this droid itself had lost some of her revolutionary ideas since that time having taken up a job as a weapon’s contractor. Sinala was now on Nar Shaddaa hoping to come into contract with the CEO of the Czerka Corporation.

Several others came for business as well as this event like most of the others attracted a large crowd. Participants began speaking with majordomo Nawa about obtaining an audience with the Hutt, including the now returned Sihivus Verne. In addition to Nawa hosting the event, Shaka, Belutric, Dax, Jengaz, and Ku’gan the Hutts were overseeing the proceedings.

Devin Feskin of the CSA before the Hutt.

First to come before the Hutt was Corporate Sector Authority Executive Officer, Devin Feskin. He announced that the Corporate Sector Embassy on Nar Shaddaa was almost completed and now they were in the process of hiring locals. Jobs that were still open were needs for secretaries, language experts, security guards, and body guards. The only caveat was that local Hutt laws were to be followed in the hiring and that enemies of the CSA were not allowed to apply. Anyone interested should either come by the embassy or contact him.

For other announcements, he stated that the Corporate Sector was making great strides in expanding and forming partnerships. Also the banks in the core, presumably those on Coruscant have been even more tightly secured so those investing in a corporate bank should have no fear for the safety of their property. Though those that have requested it have had their property removed to other sites as they were able to.

Next Buletric the Hutt made an announcement that swoop races on Mos Espa were reopened and would be held the following day ((Thursday 7 PM SL time)) along with the open market for merchants to come sell their goods.

Sihivus Verne before the Hutt.

Next to come before the Hutt was Sihivus Verne. Not brining any gifts to offer, the Hutt Council grumbled, but Sihivus explained that she always came with business proposals not to pay tribute. This time she was offering a partnership to enter into a partnership opening a cantina on either on a newly discovered world or a newly neutral world such as Coruscant. Most of the Hutt still weary of her not brining gifts seemed reluctant about the idea, though Shaka the Hutt was intrigued and offered to speak with Verne in a private meeting at a later time.

Kulith Laan of the Galactic Empire and Trayus

Imperator Kulith Laan of Trayus was the next up before the Hutt. He was accompanied by several others including the Disciple of Ragnos Darth Sae’hal II. They came before the Hutt to extend their concern that the Nasirii clan under Belutric had opened up friendly negotiations with the New Fel Imperium (NFI,) especially that the NFI has seemingly been given a large amount of resources. Belutric didn’t hide the fact and said his clan worked with any group that would benefit Mos Espa. Kulith Laan reminded Belutric that many of the Hutt sitting on the council had been harmed by the Fel Empire and not to close economic doors due to his willingness to associate with the Fels. Belutric explained that each Hutt could oversee their own business as they would like and if the Trayus had opportunities on Tatooine he would be happy to speak with them.

Next Kulith Laan explained the situation on Coruscant. He stated the Mandalorians are co-governing the core world with the Galactic Empire and other Sith groups. The Trayus has made sure that business trade has now reopened for those under their protection. He said only a few industries had been nationalized but that most other businesses have been allowed to continue as normal. In fact there is more freedom in trade as new markets have now been open such as the slave trade. The Hutt seemed very interested in speaking with the Trayus about the business opportunities on Corsucant.

Mof Red of the Fel Imperium speaking with the Hutt.

At this time Moff Red of the New Fel Imperium asked to speak with Hutt Council. His presence caused several to draw their weapons, but the Moff acted calm as he spoke to the Hutts. The Moff calmly told those present that he wished for peace and told he didn’t know why their relationship with certain Hutts were strained and that it must have been a misunderstanding. Another speaking on behalf of the Galactic Empire offered a bounty on the Moff’s head once he stopped speaking.

Other came forward to state that the Fel had insulted Ku’gan the Hutt an accusation that Moff Red denied stating that if any of his men had done such a thing they would be severely punished. Darth Sae’hal then came forward to extend his proposition that the Fels should be exterminated. The Hutt council decided that Ku’gan would be the one to decide on the Moff’s fate and the bounty that was on him. Ku’gan decided to have the Moff detained while he thought on his words. Moff Red peacefully gave himself up to await his fate.

After the meeting, Ku’gan and others spoke with Moff Red who stated that those that had insulted the Hutts and had caused incidents on Nar Shaddaa were dead, but that he would compensate the Hutt nonetheless. Upon these words the Moff was released to prove himself. Kulith Laan was also heard stating that he would give this Moff an audience, though only time will tell if the Fel Imperium overcomes the hatred against them in this part of the Galaxy.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daan Kira

  1. Morrigan Wemyss
    August 31, 2012 at 7:04 AM

    Remind me again why Belutric is on the council? He has made it clear time and again, he and Nasirii care only for themselves. I’ll wager he would sell out the council if he thinks he could get enough credits from the deal. And yet, some people still allow him to do as he likes, this is beyond me

    • Sihivus Verne
      August 31, 2012 at 3:15 PM

      ”Absolutivitely agreed. So many faces in this galaxy have enough renown not to toss petty gifts of foods and drink to the feet of the Council, but rather offer interesting business proposals. Belutric is too dense to understand this, and never will he grasp the very basics of business. Why his clan sometimes flourishes, is only due to the blind following the blind, if you would.”

  2. calithlin
    August 31, 2012 at 7:42 AM

    After witnessing the humble acceptance of punishment for his constituents’ crimes, I spoke personally with Moff Red in the undercutting streets. The situation and cause for initial hostilities between the Fels and forces under my command were explained, and the Moff was flabbergasted as to the actions of his then-absentee Grabd Moff. Our two Empires have come to an understanding, and are drafting ceasefire documents for the time being.

    -Imperator Kulith Laan I

    • August 31, 2012 at 2:26 PM

      We should meet a representative of the New Fel Imperium soon. We can meet with you afterward if you want.

      • September 1, 2012 at 1:03 AM

        We welcome an in-depth interview. Perhaps upon Coruscant as we shore up our influence there.

  3. Grand Moff Kaden
    August 31, 2012 at 4:44 PM

    I am very glad to hear of the recent cease fire with the Trayus’ Galactic Empire. I’d like to say I myself, was never aware of the proceedings that occurred that led to the violence between the two Empires and I am glad Moff Red has corrected the situation. The Moff who is to blame has been dealt with, and all men dealt with accordingly. Thanks to good negotiations and diplomacy. We can hopefully co-exist through the beginning of this cease fire.

    I apologize to the Hutt Council and anyone else who felt the New Fel Imperium was to blame for anything that has transpired. We had not been officially formed until after these events, and only after were things put into play. We seek nothing more then to advance our sovereignty in the galaxy. We will be having an interview soon of our standpoint.

    -Grand Moff Kaden-

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