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Pod-Racing re-open on Mos Espa, Tatooine

August 31, 2012

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended to the latest series of swoop racers on Tatooine at the town of Mos Espa.

At the races on Tatooine.

Tatooine: The popular, Nasirii backed pod racers were once again staged in Mos Espa. Drawing a record crowd, racers came from all around the galaxy to show what they have. Old and new faces came to join in to what became the largest pod race of its kind. Old favorites such as the Galactic Cup champion Nora Saria were joined with experienced, though a newcomer to this circuit, the Emperor Kulith Laan to race against a variety of other jockey’s which turned out to be a grand show for racing fans. Kodo the Toydarian oversaw the races on behalf of the Nasirii Hutt Clan while the New Fel Imperium patrolled in the city.

Spanning five races, contestants were tasked with showing their skills over grueling tasks. First their was a six lap sprint, followed by a twelve lap run, then another six lap sprint. The last two races were mainly endurance events that should have pleased the local resident jawas. Racers were asked to continue racing until their pods could no longer go or were destroyed. the last pod to be running was declared a winner. The first of these was a straight race, followed by a similar one named a head-on where half the racers followed the track clockwise  and the other half counter-clockwise. Needless to say the tracks were littered with debris upon their conclusion.

With so many racers and spectators, the seen was chaotic and it was a miracle no one was killed, though many were injured. Adding to the chaos a band of Tusken Raiders took this opportunity to fire upon on the racers and even some of the spectators. Forces from the New Fel Imperium engaged the nomads and were able to finally drive them off. The damage was done though as many pods were destroyed and a slew of false starts occurred. It will be seen how security will be handled at the next race.

Racers continue by spectators and burning debris.

Nora Saria was in good form and dominated the races as she had the Galactic Swoop races. Winning three of the five races, she finished with the best times and was unstoppable in the first endurance race, having an almost unscathed pod after a record thirty-six laps. Rounding out the other two top spots were Kunith Laan winning one of the sprint races and Chelsea Blauvelt winning the last of the endurance races.

Following the event a large open market was also organized by the Nasirii clan where the large crowd could buy treats and other foodstuffs from around the galaxy and pretty much anything else they had their hearts set on. The races are scheduled once again on a weekly basis and should bring another large crowd next week as once again racers from around the known galaxy come to show what they have.”

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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