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Sihivus Verne’s trial in Bakura

September 5, 2012

Galactic News Reporters attended at the trial of Sihivus Verne in Bakura.

The trial of Sihivus Verne for the bombing of several planets and moon was held in the high security jail in Bakura. Verne was captured in Bakura on the initiative of the queen Viera Lars of Zeltros, which is still recovering from the attack. Other worlds such a Rori and Tython testified during the trial.

The hearing

Zeltron Judge Najia presided over the hearing, Sihivus Verne defended herself enclosed in a large cage. Chelsea Blauvelt was the prosecutor, she said knowing the defendant’s penchant to chaos and destruction. The first witness at to take the stand was Queen Lars, and recalled the event of her planet; Sihivus came to offer gifts with explosives to the people. This took them by surprise, as they didn’t believe such a scheme was possible. According to the official reports, the crates with the gifts exploded in a chain reaction, leading to the explosion of the main warehouse and the devastation of the surrounding area.

Then, the governor of Rori, Kei-Rebu Jinn was called to explain the event in his moon. Sihivus arrived in the colony and shortly after a bomb devastated the cantina. The cameras were under maintenance and did not recorded her presence but guards reports confirmed the times of her arrival.

The Senator Sapphire Tafo from Tython was called next. She drew a horrific accounting of the attack of the the med lab. She depicted the death of a mother and her baby, the suffering of the orphans and the sacrifice of the rescue team.

Sihivus Verne was then allowed to cross-examin the witnesses. She started by claiming the charges by the Republic should be void because of the help she provided against the New Trade Federation, an organisation long time gone. The Republic would have accepted some “leniency” on her action and she said having sent a messager to the judge to prove it, but the judge denied to be aware of it. About the attacks on Zeltros and Talus, she pleaded the lack of evidence and the bias of the court.

After protests in the audience, as nobody added anything, the Judge Najia told her verdict. She mostly supported Verne’s view, stating the Republic pardoned all her crimes for their worlds and there was no evidence of her attack in the others. She then ordered her release. The court and most of the audience left quietly, however we hear some congratulation to Verne as well as some protests.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide