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Syrion Sith deny Bastion Smuggler claims

September 10, 2012

After their reporting in Bastion, Galactic News Reporters meet Darth Mavros from the Syrion Sith.

Darth Mavros

Korriban: Darth Mavros from the Syrion Sith denied most of the claim from the Smuggler Captain Kelly about the Sith removal from Bastion. Darth Mavros explain they agreed with Tiffany for recognising her as their Empress in exchange of access to the resource of the planet. Although, the Sith were disappointed discovering their Empress was power hungry at the point to jam their order. They then decided by themselves to leave her Bastion while they will focus on other activities elsewhere. Darth Mavros said she doesn’t know the captain Kelly and ignoring why she would be lying. Therefore the Syrion never took part on her kidnapping and never worked with the Hyperions smugglers which would have organised it. As far as Darth Mavros knows, Hyperion is instead working for the Republic.

With the end of their Empress, the Syrion don’t consider themselves as an Empire anymore but like a Sith order. Darth Mavros described them as “old school” Sith, which respect the other views, including their enemies’, and aim at gaining knowledge instead of spreading chaos or causing destruction like some others do. Currently without a fixed base, they regrouped in Korriban but still travel a lot. They wouldn’t make any plan to control Bastion and wouldn’t want any harm to the planet, but they will react if the locals keep slandering them, attack of threaten their members like she said they are doing currently.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide