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Mandalore returns Coruscant Refugees safely to Republic Territory

September 13, 2012

The Mandalore arrives on Onderon to return Republic citizens to rescue them from Sith occupation. Our own Xera D’Ukal was later able to interview him about the encounter.

A’denla Kad, leader of the Mandalorians, made an unexpected arrival with a small squadron of military ships convoying a series of transports. Fear from the citizens was high as it was thought that this was yet another invasion and that Onderon would be next on the list after Coruscant. In a surprising move by the Mandalore, he announced that the transport ships were actually filled with refugees from Coruscant and that he felt honor-bound to save them from the consequences of Sith occupation.

Transport Ships in Iziz

Tae Aichi, newfound Diplomatic Minister of the New Republic and longtime Jedi Advisor to the Queen Valara Drayen-Kira of Onderon was the first person on the scene. She met the guests at the landing, along with a HK-55 droid representing the Queen until she gets ready. The Mandalore announced his intentions and the Queen joined them a few moment later.

The Queen seemed first less than thrilled about the same Mandalorians who conquered Coruscant and then handed it over to the Trayus Sith being on her planet. Her demeanour however changed after the Mandalore continued to discuss the situation of his arrival with the Queen, and his genuine sincerity of wanting to bring back the refugees safely. She recalled the long shared history between the Mandalorians and Onderon, and said she would hold their leader to his word that this was not some ploy to invade her planet. Then she allowed the transport ships to begin unloading the citizens.

Queen of Onderon speaking with Mand’alor in Iziz

It will take an estimated time of three days to get the ten thousand refugees unloaded from the transports and settled into temporary shelters in Iziz. The Mandalore also asked permission of the Queen to allow him and a few of his warriors to stay in Iziz until the transport process was complete, saying he could catch up to his fleet once his business had concluded. The Queen accepted, providing the Mandalorians agree to adhere to the same laws as everyone else was required to uphold on her world, and that the Senate, who had been forced to move to Onderon as a result of the Coruscant occupation, be respected and left alone. Mand’alor agreed and commented that since the Munit’kad clan had made settlement in Iziz, agreeing to protect the city, he would not conflict with his own people.

The following day, our own Xera D’Ukal had the honor of interviewing the A’denla Kad to gain his thoughts and insights on the situation. He affirmed that the Sith had willingly relinquished the citizens to them, and that his people were not murderers or thugs, and he wished to conduct these wars honorably. He seemed disinclined to comment his relation with the Sith of the Trayus Academy. He said he did not blame the Republic leaders for seeing him in a negative light, and when asked about his opinion of the Queen he said she seemed capable of handling herself well. He added he would like to continue relations with Onderon in the future, and would not want to risk being hostile to the planet because of clan Munit’kad’s primary income being made in Iziz.

When told of the recent Death Watch sightings in the city of Iziz, he claimed: “It’s our duty to purge what Death Watch lie hidden anywhere in this Galaxy. If we find Death Watch here, we do intend to Dispose of them, make no mistake. It would be a service to the planet anyway. We delivered these people safely, Death Watch, given the chance, would mow them down and grin.”

Discussions in various conversations between foreign Jedi on Onderon seemed to be leading to opinions that this was just another ploy by the Mandalorians to entrench themselves further in Republic soil in order to plan for their next invasion. When asked if Mand’alor had a response to such accusations, he had this to say “If there’s one thing that I’ve known Jedi to do my whole life, it’s make accusations. Don’t harm any of my people, and they won’t harm you. Our intentions are as I stated, they can believe what they will.”

It seems there will be much more to unfold as the situation progresses. It’s possible the Mandalorians are practicing an ancient tradition of testing the strength of the Republic to check what sort of response they will have to their actions. The Republic’s move on this issue still remains to be seen, and the Mandalore is waiting, waging a war but never without honor. And what of the Trayus Sith? What part will they play in all of this? Follow-up later to come.

— Xera D’Ukal

  1. Vox Cast
    September 13, 2012 at 12:11 PM

    A’denla Kad, what a guy!

  2. calithlin
    September 13, 2012 at 1:13 PM

    (Note that it is not Trayus alone that takes credit for occupation if Coruscant, but it is a joint effort under the united forces including DOR, Ziost, the united Imperial Remnant-Conclave, etc that make up the new Empire.)

  3. faardor
    September 13, 2012 at 6:05 PM

    Whats the point of 10.000 refugees on a world that holds well over a trillion reported citizens (and many many more unreported ones)

  4. Tae Aichi
    September 13, 2012 at 9:50 PM

    Its a

    faardor :
    Whats the point of 10.000 refugees on a world that holds well over a trillion reported citizens (and many many more unreported ones)

    It’s a case of ‘its the thought that counts’, pure and simple. The Mandalorians don’t have a lift capacity to trans port a trillion people, nobody does. the small gesture (In percentage of population) is very much appreciated.

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