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Several Consitutional Questions Arise at the Latest Republic Senate Meeting

September 16, 2012

GNN Reporter, Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Senate meeting held on the Naboo moon of Rori.

“After a long confidential meeting in Rori, the Senate finally opened their doors to the media. The Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff-Imari was introducing her new Minister of Defence, Lerina Desri. The Senator Sapphire Tafo from Tython asked for the qualification of the new minister and the Chancellor answered she served in the Tetan Royal fleet, then, after a disagreement, she moved to the Pantoran Navy seeking for a “better” morale code. The Senator Tafo wondered why no citizen of the Republic was selected for a member of their government. The Chancellor challenged her to find someone in the Republic having such service record, and The Senator named few people of Tython, their former Senator Obi Solo having created the New Republic Galactic Fleet or the governor Zach Rodchester, veteran officer in this fleet, suggesting she could also select a Jedi as they were experienced in the struggle against the Sith.

Interestingly the Senator of Bengat, Shan Connell, objected saying the Senate had no say on the cabinet and should reserve their comment in private. The chancellor asked the Senator Tafo to raise a motion of non confidence if she disagree, but the senator argued she wasn’t disagreeing, just deploring the Republic had to rely on a foreigner for their minister of defense. The Republic constitution may not state on the matter but most other systems that it seems to be based on allowed the legislature to block a cabinet post and/or impeach the cabinet position without removing the entirety of the executive, therefore this should be another matter that will probably become a favorite topic of the political scientists and historians around the galaxy.

Then the topic moved to the Senate privilege bill, a bill designed to protect the freedom of speech for senators that was vetoed at last meeting by the Chancellor and needed a ¾ extended majority to pass and the Senator of Bengat, seconded by Rori’s asked for an immediate vote. The Chancellor complied. When it was her turn, the Senator of Tython asked what was being voted exactly then raising the question of why their was no further discussion on her bill, refusing to vote without a debate. The Chancellor and the same bloc of senators opposed to the bill stated discussions had taken place the last time and after a quick vote to overcome her veto the bill was subsequently killed.

Senators discussed several topics at the latest Senate meeting, here the Chancellor is introducing her new Defense Minister.

Next came up a bill introduced by the Senator of Bengat, Shan Connell, that in someways seemed the opposite of the one introduced by the Tython Senator that was voted down. Its seems this bill would codify senate procedural rules, giving the Chancellor greater control on allowing who could speak and when. However the Bengat Senator stated it was just codifying the procedures the senate had already been following. Rori Senator, Roswenthe Aluveaux wanted the bill split up to have different points voted on since they agreed with some and not others. She most objected to a part of the bill that would allow the Chancellor to bar a senator from attending stating it was up to the citizens to determine who represented them not the Chancellor or Senate’s job. Others stated that the bill was needed to keep order in the senate and that Senators weren’t above the law.

Tython Senator Sapphire Tafo stated the bill was an internal ruling and shouldn’t be worded to be taken as a law under the constitution and the bill was written too vague and wanted a clarification on what they were exactly voting on. After some senator’s believed she had stated that the bill was unconstitutional it brought up another interesting matter by the Chancellor who stated that it was up to Senate to vote on bills regardless of their constitutionality or what manner they take and then the courts would determine its viability. The Chief Justice, seemed to side with the Chancellor though stated that an objection could be made to a bill’s constitutionality only after all discussions and votes were taken on it. Here another question arises for the political scientists of the galaxy of whether the Republic’s judicial branch is really independent as it seems to be just another executive post by the Republic’s constitution since the Chancellor appoints the judges and then has the power to remove them. In the end the bill was postponed until the next senate meeting.

A final curiosity to an outsider was the formal apology of Jedi Master Marsh Solo of the NJO who apologized for comments he made against the senate at the last meeting. He stated it was against the Jedi code for him to admonish any of the proceedings or senators. Though most Jedi state that Jedi have no dealings in politics, a statement suspect at best, it’s still curious that it would be against the Jedi code, which from a layman’s viewpoint is one of the broadest code in the entire galaxy, to bring up objections to the Senate. Most likely the Jedi Master is just trying to unify the Republic during the current crisis which is admirable though may create more ammunition for critics of the Jedi and Republic.

As the Senate meeting came to a close several questions still remain about the current operations of the Republic. The confidential meetings multiply since the loss of Coruscant and the example of Link Algoma which was held during months waiting for a trial for having revealed one of their content doesn’t incline the witnesses to speak. Members of the cabinet are announced during this meetings. The Chancellor would have agreed on a treaty with the Empire without the senate ratify it, or discuss it, at least in public. Since the beginning of the mandate, the only bill having passed the vote of the Senate was vetoed by the Chancellor. The Republic would still yet to produce something to show to their people, specially after the loss of their capital.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. Shadow Ops Commander
    September 16, 2012 at 9:31 AM

    I’ll say this once more, After an internal investigation in to the happenings on susevfi before the trial of Mr. Link Algoma, He himself was tried one week after his arrest. Were ever your getting the information that it was months is wrong.

  2. September 16, 2012 at 9:56 AM

    I was against this women from the start. This Government has gone from a democracy to a Tetan Dictatorship and it’s sad that The Senators do not see it. I suggest to any Senator who sees this as well, to impeach the Chancellor and elect one that was NOT previously working with the late Senator Hixal…

    • Vox Cast
      September 16, 2012 at 10:54 AM

      Hardly, Vandergraff was a Chancellor of the former People’s Galactic Alliance – Fel Empire Republic, a long time before she had anything to do with Tetan Empire. Also, as stated in the article, this new “Defence Minister” also happens to be a former member of the Tetan Empire, whom, as stated, left due to moral conflict with certain practices within the Empire. That’s hardly grounds to say the Tetans have anything to do with the Republic.

      Dictatorship maybe, but Tetan influenced? I don’t think so.

      • September 16, 2012 at 11:37 PM

        You’re neglecting to mention that the last republic Vandergraffe chancellorized impeached her for overstepping her bounds as chancellor, too. And while she was, herself, an official minister for the Tetans, Vandergraffe publicly and privately derided the senate (a point that has been raised before). Right after the Tetans disappeared, who showed up asking the Republic for a job?

        I guess after Downz and Baccus the Senate is simply descending the steep, slippery slope of desperation.

    • Morrigan Wemyss
      September 16, 2012 at 2:24 PM

      The Tetans? Hardly, they could not lead their way out of their own system, as has been proven more than once. If the chancellor has anything it is a slight hold over from the views of the PGA. Perhaps it can be worked upon. As for the tetan ’empiress’ I’ll owrry about her when she can figure out how to leave her own system.

  3. Vox Cast
    September 17, 2012 at 4:58 AM

    Sohn Jowart :
    I guess after Downz and Baccus the Senate is simply descending the steep, slippery slope of desperation.

    Indeed, it was quite a surprise Bakura chose to remove it’s self from the Republic, given the long line of successful politicians hailing from there. Funnily enough that line also starts and ends with Vandergraffe as Chancellor.

  4. Kasmiel
    September 18, 2012 at 8:40 AM

    The Jedi Code calls for a Jedi to conquer external loyalties. To this end it prevents Jedi taking political appointment, or any role that is outside of the Jedi Order. Their loyalty is to the Jedi Order and to nothing else. Similarly, the Jedi Code also states that a Jedi should Honor the Law, as how can they expect others to honor the law if they will not do so themselves? To this end, the Jedi are not above the Law, whether republic or planetary.

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