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Nerous the Hutt Speaks About Issulla and the Future of her Clan

September 22, 2012

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met with Nerous the Hutt on Sleheyron.

Nerous the Hutt

The new leader of the Odominic clan, Nerous the Hutt spoke more in length of what he told the Hutt Clan Council at Hutt Night about the death of Issulla the Hutt. He stated her ship, the Vongchaser, as large as a Super Star Destroyer blew up right before it entered hyperdrive with Issulla aboard. It will take months to retrieve all the debris and make a final statement to the investigation, but due to the extensive damage, its believed Issulla was killed.

At Hutt night Nerous alluded to a suspect. For now he said there wasn’t any evidence to still consider the Tython Senator, Sapphire Tafo as being involved, he was just going off remarks he had heard Issulla make a week before the explosion. Issulla had made public remarks against the Tython Senator declaring her unlawful, though the reasons for Issulla’s accusation remain unknown, it may have just been over a bad deal, or Issulla saw no profit in Tython’s theme park. For now, no suspect has been named and Nerous is waiting for the core computer off the ship to be found and analyzed before making any other statements on the matter. The Odominic clan being specialised in building battleships, many people are looking forward the result of the investigations.

Nerous has taken control of Odominic clan, her assets, and control of the Sleheyron and surrounding systems. He’s asked for increased security in the system, on top of those that were already in place when fake  plans for a Republic invasion of Hutt space were uncovered by Issulla. All ships to the system will be searched. Other than security, Nerous plans to continue the clan’s profit-making projects, will have a new flagship built, and will hire a new majordomo.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira