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Historic Hotel in Mos Eisley Grand Re-Opening Held

September 23, 2012

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the Re-opening of the largest hotel in Mos Eisley, Tatooine.

Tatooine: The main hotel and one of the largest buildings in Mos Eisley has been re-opened after Hutt Clan Besadii bought the landmark. Jer’k the Hutt held a party to mark his success over his competitors in the city. The party drew visitors from around the Galaxy including several key Hutts to come to the establishment for its grand-reopening.

Mos Eisley Hotel party

A long time favorite for the locals and visitors alike, the hotel has always provided top-notch gambling and adult entertainment. However, it fell in somewhat disuse as a hotel over the years. Now after being bought by Jer’k the Hutt after the previous owner passed away, its luxury has been brought back along with stepping up the entertainment.

For this opening party, Jer’k hire famed Jedi Entertainer Neo, known for his impressive musical ability. The even was hosted by Jer’k’s advisor Biggley and the draw brought not only Jedi to the party, but also surprisingly Sith from several factions across the galaxy, such as those from Melrav, along with several galactic politicians, including the Tatooine Senator. Also attending was Ku’gan the Mighty, one of leaders of the Hutt Council who arrived along with several other key Hutts. Most surprisingly Issulla the Hutt was in attendance. Recently thought dead, Issulla  was able to escape the explosion aboard the Vongchaser and crashed in Rori. GNN will obtain an interview fro Issulla in the coming days.

The re-opening was a success and those of Mos Eisley will have a hard time recalling a larger party. However, both locals and visitors can take advantage of the large casino and galactic famous entertainment at this luxurious desert Hotel.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. That guy
    September 26, 2012 at 9:57 AM

    ((Isn’t mos Eisley in a diferent time line?))

    • September 26, 2012 at 12:01 PM

      ((They joined the post legacy timeline few weeks ago))

  2. Sugel
    September 28, 2012 at 1:44 AM

    This afternoon at approximately 1400 galactic time, GNN reporters saw Sgt. Agol speak directly with Wonka, regarding his group’s alleged assistance to the pirate. Agol offered the Hutt the same terms as the Hutts on Tatooine, but after making several threats towards Wonka as well as a physical altercation with the Hutt directly, Sgt. Agol was ejected from Wonka’s lair by his bodyguards.

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