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Debate on the Checks and Balances in the Republic

October 3, 2012

Galactic News attended to a debate in Rori between two dignitaries of the New Republic.

Debate in the Lecture Hall of Rori

The retiring Senator Roswenthe Aluveaux of Rori organised a public debate between the Senator Sapphire Tafo and the Minister of diplomacy Tae Aichi. The speakers opposed their different views on the checks and balance in the Republic’s institution. The Senator Tafo was held in Tython because of the blockade and came via an holographic retransmission. After a few questions prepared by Roswenthe Aluveaux, she forwards the questions of the public.

Roswenthe Aluveaux: Please introduce yourselves, the planet you represent, and your position in the galactic Republic.

Tae Aichi: Thank you all for having me. I am Tae Aichi, Minister of Diplomacy to Chancellor Vandergraff-Imari, and I am also the Grandmaster of the Iziz Jedi order. My position on the Republic is simple, that the Constitution is fine in its present form with a few exceptions and that it does indeed have enough checks and balances built into it so as to not overly complicate senatorial proceedings. While I respect the opinion of my opponent, i do not respect her decision to be here today. With her world under Sith occupation I feel that it does not reflect very well on her in regards to her priorities.

Sapphire Tafo: I’m sorry to not be able to come directly, but my system is under blockade, I would answer question after the meetings if you have. I thank the Senator Roswenthe to organize this long time awaited meeting… I’m the Senator Sapphire Tafo, from a working family of Tython. I’m a simple person and gained my position by my hard and honest work. As I feel the people needed someone close to them to represent their interest in the Republic, I ran for Senator… But I was disappointed by the situation of the New Republic’s institution then understood why our world was neglected by the leaders at the point we were defenseless against an invasion while we were formally the main base of operation of our navy.

Roswenthe Aluveaux: Our first debate question: Do you feel that the constitution of the Republic has enough checks and balances? Senator Tafo?

Sapphire Tafo:The New Republic has the elements for a working and honest regime to its people, but they are wrongly connected. All of the powers is on the hands of the chancellor. You could say there is a Justice able to state on the legality of a law… but he’s named by the Chancellor and she can dismiss him anytime if he doesn’t agree with her decision. The Jedi could have a role to prevent abuse, but they refuse to use it as long as the letter of the Constitution is respected, even if it’s unbalanced. The Senate could be a tool to balance the Chancellor’s power… but it’s not. The Senators discuss what the chancellor wish. She might stop any discussion as she please and when a vote displease her, she can veto it, which ultimately needs the unanimity of the Senate to pass the bill… She can only be dismissed by a very large majority of Senators, meaning the minority of absolute monarchies supporting her in the Republic are enough to maintain her post and lead everything.

Tae Aichi: Simply put yes, I do however wish that those imposed by the Chief Justice were enumerated within the confines of the Constitution, however, to constitutionally bind the Chief justice would also defeat its purpose to a limited degree in that while the roles would be highlighted, it may possibly constrain their actions in passing judgment on rulings and laws passed by the Senate. Quite frankly, I feel that the power of veto given to the Chancellor over legislation is certainly a good one to have for the reason that after all, the Chancellor is a non-voting member of the Senate and should be given time to think through all of the arguments and pros and cons of any bill passing through the Senate. this of course, is balanced out by the fact that the Senate my propose a bill again, of course, this time around it takes a 2/3rds majority vote to be passed to the chancellor’s desk. The Power of Veto of course, sends a strong message showing distaste for perhaps sections of, or for entire sections of any given bill. Should a bill be Vetoed after making it to the chancellor, then clearly some part of the bill needs to be re-worked. and of course, all of this is balanced by the chief justice who may say whether a law does or does not conflict with the constitution, possibly removing a law from the Republic if it is found to be unconstitutional.

Roswenthe Aluveaux: What checks and balances would you impose, if any? Master Aichi?

Tae Aichi: I would continue to have the checks and balances in place that already exist, however, I would like to see the duties of the Chief justices included into the constitution, while not either a check or a balance, I am perfectly happy with the document as it is. after all, binding the Chief justice to this document needlessly clutters it, and I would like to see something that highlights their duties, as they are the moderating force.

Sapphire Tafo: The Republic has no value… why would you balance something when you don’t know what you want at the end? The Chancellor claimed the Republic was not a democracy, she didn’t say where she wanted to lead it. The Constitution doesn’t say it either. She has blatant ties with the monarchists, coming from some royal family herself, supported by all hereditary kingdoms in the Republic, and it’s to fear she leads the Republic to this unbalanced direction… because the Constitution has no way to say “no, it’s not what the people want!”

Also, to counterbalance the chancellor’s powers, independent powers shall be established. The Judicial Power shall be free of the Chancellor’s total control. The Senate also shall be autonomous, able to decide what they want to talk about about without the Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor come in and tell the side she dislike to “Shut up.” or speaking over them, ejecting the opposition with her guards under the applauses of the monarchists.

Lastly, the worlds of the Republic shall have imposed a democratic regime… We should end with this archaic hereditary and absolute monarchies lobbying the Republic along with the corporate controlled system to maintain their privileges. If the monarchies wants to unit each other… why not, they might create their own Empire and live happy in it… but they shall stop to stuff the Republic and impose out free people the will of their sovereigns.

Roswenthe Aluveaux: Senator Tafo, what weaknesses do you see in your opponent’s position?

Sapphire Tafo: I’m glad Minister Tae showed us how a Republic should work, but her point doesn’t stand in front of the reality of the New Republic. How a regime which lost 3 systems in a month, Coruscant, Endor’s Moon, Tython, and where the only bill passed is a law to eject the senators from the Senate introduced by a monarchy could be working without any artificial and unhealthy glue? The Senate, the Chief Justice are good institution, except they are submitted to the Chancellor and her clique’s good’s will. They don’t mind to lose worlds, they don’t mind to take their shameful decision in secret, as long as they can grab the power for their selfish agenda.

Tae Aichi: I see my opponent’s position as being simply put, a great dislike of the current chancellor. While I won’t engage in mudslinging by bringing up a history of past events, clearly it is evident in the opening response to the first question, that my opponent wishes the chancellor deposed form her position. and quite frankly, after hearing that, I do not feel that the Senator has the best interests of the senate and constitution in mind, but only the interests in whom she wishes to be in power. On top of that, my opponent is in favor of pure democracy, where, if I may remind you all, is run by every single member of a populace voting, the republic is too big for this.

The Republic is not a Democracy, it is a Democratic Republic, in which senators are elected and other officials to make decisions for the populace. Which if I may remind the Senator, is the only reason why she even has the position of senator, because she was elected to represent her people, if she were not in a Democratic republic, she simply wouldn’t be a Senator. On top of that, she has focused on the removal of the Chancellor’s power, and ha snot enumerated exact ways to fix it to have the Chancellor operate in a reduced capacity, it sounds tome like the Senator wishes for the Senate to be the absolute highest power in the Republic, with the chief justice backing them up. Without the Chancellor’s and Vice Chancellors ability to Moderate discussions and set a docket, very little would get discussed especially when some parties that are gathered here today. Insist on discussing for multiple hours on one topic.”

To fix that Senator, I suggest you discuss with other senators pieces of legislation before the senate meetings, you are able to do so.

Tae Aichi, Roswenthe Aluveaux and Sapphire Tafo

Roswenthe Aluveaux: Now we will present questions asked by members of the audience. No more questions will be taken at this time. To both representatives, Lon Delles asks, “What do the representatives think of the current system. By the system I mean how do they feel they are part of a capitalist state that drains the tax payer of their wealth and how would they feel to creating a new system where it is for the benefit of the people and no one else. Master Aichi?”

Tae Aichi: I would address Mister Delles personally on the matter, after all, it seems that the good sir is wondering why we don’t follow communistic or socialistic principles. I answer with this, it isn’t how the Republic, might I stress that word Republic, was designed to operate, and those systems can only work with entirely peaceful societies, you need only look at current events to see how it can’t. So in short, i have no issue working for a capitalistic republic, I believe a great leader once said “A republic is the worst form of government, except for everything else.

Sapphire Tafo: The taxes are indeed too high for the services offered by the Republic… Being in a world deprived of defense up to be an easy prey to the Empire’s ambition, I know well what I’m talking about. Lately she chancellor stated the Republic was wealthy enough to start a war against the Mandalorians without raising the taxes even more… figure… The foreign politic is almost in existent, we see a diplomat sometimes when a planet is invaded, but it’s about everything. The people are tired to pay for a monarchist clique parades in the Galaxy playing the Important People.

Roswenthe Aluveaux: I have my own question for both representatives, as audience questions were few: What do you see as the ultimate purpose for the Republic, and how would that purpose affect your own world? Senator Tafo?

Sapphire Tafo: Before answering, I’ll like to add to a former remark of the Minister I do actual meeting with the other Senators before a bill is voted. I also meet the involved people but I feel I’m the only one doing so, most other just talk about themselves… Now on the Republic goals… The Republic shall unite the people wanting to have a shared destiny, and I say the People, not the Queens. We shall display our will of independence and mutual assistance. Tython is a long running democracy, an actually democracy, not a democracy which isn’t one according to those trying to save the Chancellor’s dislike of this form of regime by a word play.

Tae Aichi: I see the ultimate purpose of the Republic as a unifying body to give all worlds a common bond through trade, military, culture, and economy, while allowing each individual worlds to maintain self rule except in cases where the planetary laws are in direct conflict with the Republic laws, such as planetary slavery while the Republic bans it.

In short, i see the Republic as a flag to stand under so that you get a proud feeling in your chest and everyone may say “I am a citizen of the Republic, and I am proud.” I believe that also answers how I feel that it should affect My home world of Corellia, and my residence of Onderon.”

Roswenthe Aluveaux: A concerned citizen asks, “Senator Tafo, each Senator has the ability to introduce legislation in the Senate by requesting it be added to a meeting agenda, or, by raising a hand during the meeting and proposing it when called upon. Citizens have this ability through their Senator who can propose legislation they request be submitted. What legislation in your nearly two months in office have you proposed?”

Sapphire Tafo: I proposed a bill attempting to give the Senator more independence, leaving them out of the mercy of the Chancellor’s attacks. It was actually the first thing even voted by the Senators which understood the purpose… the only opposition was the monarchs which out-cried the Chancellor couldn’t remove the Senators from the meeting anymore with such a law… But the Chancellor vetoed it, saving her own interest and displaying her hunger of power. I understood it was pointless to make thing to progress, even more after the loss of Coruscant. But the leading clique didn’t forgive this will of independence and, despite more urgent things, such as talking to the people of Coruscant, they made a bill to legalize the removal of Senator which passed during an arranged meeting. So far, the first act the Senate even did in the Chancellor’s mandate is to dim their own independence.

Roswenthe Aluveaux: To be fair, I am adding a question to Minister Aichi: What do you intend for your position as Minister of Diplomacy?

Tae Aichi: As some of you know, I earned my position through my negotiations with the Current Mandalore, although the talks ultimately were a failure after he took my proposal to his chieftains, I got further than every other diplomat sent to him. I’ve signed a relief agreement for Coruscant, which is still going on despite cease and desist letters sent by Various sith organisations. I intend to sign a trade agreement with the Tetans hopefully within the next two weeks, and really, my ultimate goal is to negotiate an end to current hostilities. I’ll even negotiate for Tython back if the Senator asks for me to do so? Of course, my ultimate goal is to simply be a good diplomat and hopefully to continue to negotiate treaties and trade deals with foreign powers.”

Roswenthe Aluveaux: Thank you to both Senator Tafo and Minister Aichi for their participation in this event. We hope you have enjoyed this debate, and we thank you for coming. If you have further questions, we encourage you to contact your local Senator or government representative. Thank you.

  1. Tae Aichi
    October 3, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    I enjoyed the debate, and I thank Senator Tafo and Miss Aluveaux for moderating the debate. Is always, I’ll take comments and questions.

  2. Tae Aichi
    October 4, 2012 at 12:36 PM

    If anyone wants to contact me, here’s my Comm frequency HT-88197BE9181-18769-JI-D6543.

    (Taellinu Aichi in world)

  3. Sapphire Tafo
    October 7, 2012 at 5:21 AM

    I was glad to meet Minister Tae, one of the rare politicians of the Republic I know having dared to meet the citizens lately to expose her points. Even if I believe her arguments are inaccurate, talking to the people and answering their questions is something the Republic Officials should have done since a long time.

  4. Tae Aichi
    October 8, 2012 at 1:44 PM

    I’m not a politician, just a diplomat. I’ve never run for, nor have I ever sought office in any capacity, It would be very ‘un-jedi’ for me to do so. I also have a similar view of your arguments as well, but at least we’re getting a new amendment out of this.

    Sapphire Tafo :
    I was glad to meet Minister Tae, one of the rare politicians of the Republic I know having dared to meet the citizens lately to expose her points. Even if I believe her arguments are inaccurate, talking to the people and answering their questions is something the Republic Officials should have done since a long time.

  5. Sapphire Tafo
    October 11, 2012 at 6:06 AM

    Ministers are politicians whichever you like or not the term or if it suits the traditional Jedi culture. At least you’re not scared to talk towars the citizens.

    Amongst the inaccuracies citizens can check by themselves, the pretending 2/3 majority to pass over a veto was said out of nowhere. The chancellor as the ultimate right to set a veto needing the unanimity of the senate to be defeated. Seeing she always had the full support the absolute monarchies, matching the kind deeds she award them, it’s very unlikely such a case ever occurs…

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