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Talina Sage Becomes Queen of Naboo

October 3, 2012

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Naboo and met with Theed’s new Queen.

Theed, Naboo: The house of Sage, an ancient bloodline on Naboo has returned from the sidelines to begin serving the world they hold most dear. The twin Sage girls especially have been thrust into positions of prominence, one taking the role of diplomat, going from system to system building relationships and fostering support, the other taking on the responsibility of becoming Queen of the capital city of Theed.

Queen Talina Sage of Theed

Talina Sage has taken the title of Queen and jumped headfirst in her role. She plans along with the rest of her family to usher in a new age for Naboo. They have begun providing for the relief of Naboo’s citizens and are on the poise of pushing several economic changes. Chief among these is to start taking advantage of the rich deposits of plasma on the planet once again. Talina believes this will be the cornerstone to bring back prosperity and security to the Naboo’s economy.

As she helps to rebuild the Naboo after several years of conflict, she will still continue to foster their relationship and membership in the Republic. However, a plan is being into place to change the fabric of the political process on Naboo. Talina believes that directly appointing roles like that of Senator, will guarantee that the best person is placed in the post. She says too many Republic systems have had their elected Senator become self-serving or incompetent, which can’t be remedied until the next election. Being appointed herself though the person could be recalled at any time when they stop serving the interests of the people. Therefore, the upcoming elections will be the last for several positions on Naboo.

On a final note, a celebration will be held on Naboo once the whole of the Sage family has returned from their missions. This celebration will mark the beginning of Naboo’s new era.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira