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New Republic Prepares for War

October 6, 2012

Galactic News collected reaction in the Republic to the Galactic Empire attacks.

Dantooine Jedi Enclave

After the captures of Coruscant and Tython, Dantooine is preparing for an possible invasion also, gathering their forces and preparing for the worst, specially since the planet was the target of the Disciples of Ragnos in the past. Several of the Jedi from Tython, such as Lady Acker, who weren’t captured in the occupation were joining up with DJE forces. Both she and Sir Kyrain Rhandt of the DJE stated that the Empire would pay for what they had done and for spreading lies, such as what happened to Tython governor Zack Rodchester. According to them and Lady Nev’la the governor was killed by a Sith working for the Galactic Empire. He has since been captured and is in DJE custody.

As the Jedi spoke to reporters, more forces could be seen arriving to Dantooine, including Chelsea Blauvelt who stated she was ready for take the fight to the Empire. With the Republic war announcements and the build-up forces, the citizens of the galaxy should prepare for a large scale war. The Jedi and others requested that the citizens of the Galaxy especially the Republic keep the hope, prepare themselves, and be patient that their liberation was at hand.

Meanwhile several news releases came from different directions in he Republic.

The Vice Chancellor Frenris Kha’jiir broadcasted a long speech where she stated to deplore the capture of Tython and those having fell in the battle and said condolence to those having suffered of this event. Recalling the recent loss of the Moon of Endor, Coruscant and the state of the Republic’s force, she drew a pessimistic picture of the situation. She however announced the force of the republic and the Jedi are currently mobilising and made a long historical recall of the wars made by former republics. She said her confidence on the victory, especially since they had made an (unrevealed) law to prevent divisiveness allow further territory loss.

She said counting on the Jedi first, which, like her in the past, would have sworn a oath to fight the dark side, the evil and the corruption. She wants to mobilise them since they are the only ones able to face the powers of the Sith. She asked the politician to not impede the war effort, since the Republic is the victim of an evil Empire. She called the people of Frondor to fall back as the Republic couldn’t give them the priority. She also asked the various rebels to be strong without provoking the enemy or give them a reason for reprisals and promised them the help in on the way. She added the Republic didn’t have abandoned their people. Then she concluded addressed a long blame to the Galactic Empire for killing and oppressing the citizens and threatened them they will be fought everywhere.

The day after, from a battleship, the Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff made a speech where she supported her vice chancellor. She regretted to not have spoken earlier and was more pessimistic on the situation, notably about the size of the army and the attitude of the Senate. For the first time after the lost of Coruscant, she announced the war: “What do we prepare for? We prepare for the worst. We prepare for the most unimaginable hell we could ask anyone in this room, on this ship, or on their farm to endure. We prepare for war.” The first operations would be led in Coruscant.

The war would be justfied to preseve the future. She accused the Empire to lie, notably on the bioweapon and the death of admiral Rodchester and blamed for causing death in the population and to never have tried to negotiate with her.

She claimed the Republic and now mobilised their resources is prepared for an all out-war. She asked the citizen to help the war effort, enlisting or working for it, and sparing their resources. She threatening the Empire it will eventually fall and be punished, during this war or another, from the hands of those seeking the truth of freedom and justice. She concluded telling the republic would renounce to ever surrender and called “Long live the rebellion… and long live the Republic.”

Meanwhile, from Tython, an short announce “to all people of Tython,” stated the war is continuing and assured the people from outside support. Signed by Sapphire Tafo from the Provisional Government of Tython, this message assured the the resistance is rising amongst the people and they struggles to liberate the planet. The text might have been dispatched on the planet at an unknown scale.

— Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide

  1. October 6, 2012 at 9:38 AM

    Vice Chancellor’s speech to the New Republic and the Galaxy

    -The tallish bothan woman makes her way in front of a podium before a camera at a nondescript bunker,a simple background behind her. She looks weary, her fur in places was beginning to gray and her her eyes looked more sunken than usual, weary. She places her hands upon the podium as she begins to speak with a purring Bothan ( semitic/arabic) accent to her words.

    ” My Fellow Republicans, Citizens of the Galaxy. I address you tonight , in light of recent tragic and terrible events. As many of you already know, a few days ago, Tython, the homeworld of the Jedi Order was betrayed from the inside, and rapidly occupied by Imperial forces. The leader of our Naval forces has been killed. Many Jedi are missing or dead. These events are heartwrenching, painful to read about, more painful still to experience. Our thoughts and sympathies are with those who have lost loved ones in the recent conflicts. And those still enduring hardships and suffering in occupied space.
    The fall of Tython is on top of the withdrawal of Endor, And the Fall of our Capital world, Coruscant to the Empire.This may make things seem like hope is lost. Like the Republic is failing to do it’s duty to protect the people of the galaxy. Like we are ineffectual and crippled by infighting. I will not lie to you. Our forces are weakened, our fleets are small and our soldiers too few for my liking. But it always seems darkest, just before the dawn.” she says emphasizing that last point staring into the camera, she straightens her back pointing a single finger toward the ceiling
    “As I speak, our forces are mobilizing against our enemies, our Jedi Knights are bravely preparing their minds to engage our greatest Enemy, The Lords of the Sith who rule the terrible Empire that has attacked our homes ,killed our people, and dashed our hopes and fightened us. But we will not let them scare us into submission! We will not be bullied, or terrorized into captulating. People of this galaxy, CItizens of the New Republic. ” she exclaims with conviction
    “We have faced greater odds before and came out triumphant. New starfighter pilots from volunteers are being trained right now, and new ships being built for them to fly into the fray with our cruisers and capital ships as I speak to face down the vast Imperial Navy whose Star Destroyers have bombarded our worlds and sundered our defenses. But They can never sunder the bonds of liberty, of justice, of equality that bring us together. We are citizens of the New Republic and we are the children of the Rebel Alliance, we are the heirs of the very same great men and women from all species and races, that stared into the face of a vast, faceless and evil Empire, one that had already won and we beat them then! We met the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong invaders, and we survived, we pushed them back and saved our worlds. Together, We held back the dark nest of kiliks, together We endured the second galactic civil war and saved the union of our worlds. Together, we survived the devastation of the second galactic empire and Darth Krayt’s one Sith. We survived their resurgence taking over Coruscant, we survived the Revenant Armada, and we will survive this. We will triumph, we will be victorious in the end and why? because lives, not just our lives but our children’s lives, our children children’s lives, out future, our very way of life and civilization depends on our success. “She pauses to let it sink in
    “No pressure” she jokes, attempting to lighten the mood with a purring laugh before returning to a more serious tone “We will win, because we always have before. It may look darkest right now, it may seem like things could get no worse. Our greatest defenders the Jedi Knights have lost their very home world to the Sith. We have lost our capital. But that darkness will fall before or light, it will retreat. Just last week, we enacted legislation to prevent the divisiveness that allowed this to happen in the first place and we will continue to implement measures that will allow a more unified, thorough response to threats. We are building our forces we are preparing for war as I speak. But in order to win though, we must put forth our very best effort. we cannot win this war if we do not fight it. if we do not co-operate. if we do not adhere to the principles our republic is founded upon.”
    “I have a plan, for how we can come together to win this war, the things that need to be kept secret I will, but for the rest of you, Let me share a few things of what you can personally do to help. Firstly: To the Jedi. Your duty is to protect innocent lives from suffering. To fight the dark side, and to fight evil and corruption wherever it is. As Jedi Knights you all swore that oath. I know, because I too once swore that very same oath and every thing I do is an attempt to still adhere to that oath. Your padawans can take care of themselves if they have been trained anywhere near well enough. You are needed elsewhere. You are needed on the front, Our men and women have no way of countering the powers of the Sith without your help. Please, see that while it is not the role of a Jedi to fight a war, this is what the Jedi must do to serve the people and the galaxy, it is what your oath demands of you and what the galaxy demands. I urge you, please, see this.” she says holding her hands as if holding two objects, like a ball. She places them back on the podium with an open palm she extends it a bit
    “To the average citizen, I ask of you, keep working, if your work is important to the war effort, work harder, work longer. we need your sacrifice and commitment right now more than we ever have. If your job is not vital ,I urge you to enlist in your local militia army or navy. And I urge you to ration supplies, metals, resources, and food so that more can be used in the war effort. we do not have nearly enough and every bit helps. ”
    The bothan points upward again “To the senators and politicians, I ask you, please do not fight us in trying to move forward with the war effort. we did not ask for this war, but we cannot avoid it. We cannot back out because we have been attacked, we cannot retreat because our enemy will not stop. We cannot surrender because they will not accept our defeat without our destruction or enslavement. Our enemy is evil, it is heartless, it is vast and it is powerful. The Emperor’s wrath is terrible, his forces are terrifying it seems, and his supplies never ending, every day we argue about thigns not related to this war, is a day we lose ground.
    “To the people fighting on Fondor, I beg of you, please” she extends her arms “Please fall back. The Fondorians have neither asked nor can we afford to give it. Our priorities lie elsewhere We cannot afford a two front war against two of the most powerful military forces in the galaxy. ”
    “To the various rebel and resistance organizations. Stay strong. But please do not harm civilians or try to create crisis on Imperial controlled planets. This only makes a mess for us when we eventually reclaim them, it will only inspire harsher reprisals from the Imperials and will give them an excuse for further cruelty. This is how they have always operated. They will use your efforts as a reason to crack down. Blowing up market buildings, kidnapping and murdering do not help our cause. Neither does getting scores of unarmed, untrained civilians massacred in a revolt. I urge you, have restraint bide your time and be patient, help is on the way.
    “To the people in the occupied territory, hearing this through whatever means. Know that we have not given up on you, we have not abandoned you. we are coming to help, we just need more time. You are in our thoughts and prayers, we will save you, stay strong, stay safe. ”
    “And finally, to the Empire. We are coming for you. You have killed our people, conquered our worlds, oppressed our citizens and terrorized us. But you will not destroy us. We will over come you, we will outlast you. You are tyrants, and Tyrants always fall. We can and will stop you. And even if we cant, even if you win this war. Know this: you will never forget the fight we gave you, You may extinguish our candle, but our flame and light shall burn your hands first. And the darkness will never triumphant forever. no matter how long it takes, a single flicker of hope is all that is needed, and our conviction, our courage can ignite stars. We won’t go quietly into that dark night, we have nothing to fear from you, but fear itself. We will fight you in the orbits, on the surface, we will fight you in the space stations, in the seas and the deserts, in the skies of the atmosphere and in the depths below the ground. We will prevail, because liberty prevails. because freedom will always prevail in the end. ”

    She stops getting quite passionate and calming down “People of the new republic, citizens of the galaxy. Do not lose hope. Because hope is the last bastion of liberty when all else fails.Hope endures when all else is lost, Hope is the embers of a fire that’s gone out when you can still feel the heat on your skin and with Hope, we can light up even the darkest of nights.

    May the Force be With you, and May the Force be with The Republic”

    -The feed fades out and cuts at this point-

  2. October 6, 2012 at 9:40 AM

    Chancellor’s Speech and Declaration

    **The feed opens to Tiffany Vandergraff, Chancellor of the Republic, standing on the bridge of a ship in a military dress uniform. Her makeup is simple, her hair is tight and official, and she projects none of her usual airs of high-society; her presence is that of a commander ready to move troops into battle. She does not smile to the camera as she speaks and uses a resonant and full voice, but not a loud one.**

    Citizens of the New Republic, I address you this evening for some key purposes. Yesterday, the Vice-Chancellor spoke on many topics, addressing each with precision and tact. I commend her for the words she spoke, while I have been regrettably absent from the galactic stage for some time. I am here to speak to you directly, as I should have a while ago. I am not, however, here to hold your hand and guide you to the light. The Vice-Chancellor painted a picture of the Republic that is, frankly, optimistic. I cannot lie to you; the Republic is in extreme danger. We have lost our capitol, we have lost one of our stronghold worlds, our military is miniscule on a good day, there are allegations of corruption within the senate, and, yes, the senators regularly bicker on the smallest of subjects while the sky falls around them. Things are difficult, this I understand. I, myself, have been struggling to keep a head upon my shoulders throughout this time, as we prepare.

    **She looks out over the bridge and gestures to the camera, which follows her view, looking out the window to the white-dotted abyss behind it.**

    What do we prepare for? We prepare for the worst. We prepare for the most unimaginable hell we could ask anyone in this room, on this ship, or on their farm to endure. We prepare for war.

    **The camera turns back to her, but she continues to look out over the stars.**

    Today, we move forward. Today, we move on the Coruscant system to begin the onslaught.

    **She hangs her head a bit.**

    There will be deaths. Each one, I will feel personally. Each life lost will take a part of my heart from me and will replace it with an emptiness that I will not be able to fill. This war is not about me and what I want. This war is not even what anyone wants.

    **She turns to the camera with an intensity in her face and a fire in her eyes that rivals that of most starts.**

    But this war is something we need. We need it not for prosperity; not for greed, but for our future. Coruscant has been taken. Tython has been taken. The lies spread by the Empire, I will not even respond to, as the mere mention of them infuriates me to no end. Every accusation leveled against the Republic is false: the so-called ‘bioweapon’ and Admiral Rodchester’s death, specifically. I ask you to look past these falsehoods and view what is happening. A Republic world was taken forcefully and Republic citizens attacked. It was ‘given’ to another government that claims the Republic responsible for heinous acts. Then, they take Tython. They kill thousands of innocents and defenders in the process. Not even one emissary was sent to my office to resolve the conflict. If this does not speak to the intentions of the Empire, I do not know what will.

    If, for even one moment, they believed we would not respond, then they have severely miscalculated. We are prepared to respond fully and with every single resource we have access to. I am prepared to defend our Republic and our way of life until my last breath, if I must.

    And here I ask you, citizens of an institution that has weathered storm after storm – through many generations and incarnations – to aid me and these men willing to fight in every way you can. Enlist, donate, create, transport, manufacture, and conserve. There are thousands of ways that you can help the Republic in this time. Each one, no matter how significant it may seem, creates a ripple effect across the galaxy to the battlefield. Each slice of bread not wasted allows a soldier to eat one more meal; each credit added to the treasury allows us to purchase body armor for one more soul protecting you and your way of life; every person who enlists earns the honor and respect of every single person within the Republic for the defense of their state, their family, and their home. Do what you can, save where you can, and fight on.

    **Her gaze intensifies and her head tilts downward so she is almost glaring at the camera.**

    And for the Empire, heed this warning: we will never stop. Even when we might be broken and crushed underneath the thumb of your oppressive empire, we will rise from the ashes like a phoenix, bringing a reckoning upon you and all who oppose the truth of freedom and justice. You may try all that you might to reign in all who oppose you, but the strength and will of spirit is all we need to destroy you. We may not win Coruscant back. We may all die during these next few months. But we will have done so working to defeat you. One day, you will be overthrown and all who crave power over beings in the galaxy to simply rule them for your benefit will be brought before a higher court, one that we cannot fathom, to be brought to justice for all crimes. No evil deed goes unnoticed; no evil deed goes unpunished.

    And one last note for the galaxy as a whole. We are the Republic. We are here and we are here to stay. We will never give in, we will never stop fighting for our beliefs, and we will never surrender. Even when our organization crumbles around us; even when our constitution burns before our very eyes, we will endure. Long live the rebellion… and long live the Republic.

    **The camera stays still for a few minutes as Tiffany changes tones to an even harsher one, speaking to someone off-screen.**

    Admiral, move the fleets into the space surrounding Coruscant. We go to war.

    **The feed cuts.**

  3. October 6, 2012 at 9:43 AM

    To all people of Tython

    Keep hope alive!
    The combat for our liberty continues!

    A series of inept decrees stripped our lovely world from our rightful means of defense, leaving a mainstay of the Democracy to the mercy of a disloyal power. Tython might have lost a battle, but the war is not lost.

    Whichever are their sensibilities, no world in the Galaxy will support the boundless expansion of an imperialist regime. Wherever live partisans of the progress, the people of Tython will found a support in their legitimate combat against the brutal invaders.

    On the planet, Committees of Resistance are in formation. All united in the action and despite the sacrifices, the people of Tython will become the agents of their own liberation and struggle for our world gain its freedom and regain its greatness.

    Long Live Tython!

    Sapphire Tafo
    Provisional Government of Tython.

  4. Lon Delles
    October 6, 2012 at 4:25 PM

    It is about time the New Republic shown some steel!

  5. October 6, 2012 at 11:11 PM

    Lon Delles :
    It is about time

    Yeah, it’s only been what, a month? That’s about on par with how long it generally takes the Republic to respond to emergencies, like when their chancellor or vice chancellor is kidnapped.

    “Yeah, we’re still here, but not to encourage you- no it’s pretty obvious we’ve lost all confidence in ourselves and our capabilities. But go Republic, amirite?”

    A bit too little, a bit too late. Not that it’s surprising.

  6. October 6, 2012 at 11:22 PM

    Oh yeah.

    Daana Kira :

    Vice Chancellor’s speech to the New Republic and the Galaxy
    We met the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong invaders, and we survived, we pushed them back and saved our worlds. Together, We held back the dark nest of kiliks, together We endured the second galactic civil war and saved the union of our worlds. Together, we survived the devastation of the second galactic empire and Darth Krayt’s one Sith. We survived their resurgence taking over Coruscant, we survived the Revenant Armada

    Pretty sure those were all different republics completely unrelated to yours spanning back over a hundred years into the past.

    Nice try, though.

    • Tae Aichi
      October 6, 2012 at 11:59 PM

      ((Technically, its the same republic ICly, even if its differently OOCly. You’re confusing the two.))

      • General GS-556
        October 7, 2012 at 2:04 PM

        (( No it’s a different, New ‘New Republic’ Created by Alana Viper. ))

    • Sapphire Tafo
      October 7, 2012 at 5:33 AM

      The Vice Chancellor is used to talk about the Yuuzhan Vong and such for all purpose even when irrelevant, maybe it’s a simply bet. Anyway, that left me some time to end my crosswords during the sessions.

  7. Sapphire Tafo
    October 7, 2012 at 1:43 AM

    The freedom fighters in Tython operated since the first day of the occupation and with the greatest bravery. I want to pay homage to each of our women and men who refused the defeat and followed their honour, when everything was collapsing. Their remarkable example show to everyone the people are not an entity which comes down to bow to a monarch and pay taxes.

    And it’s too bad if our actions “create crisis” for outsiders.

    ((It’s not the same republic than the former ones, no continuity was ever played. Even if you or your character believes it, it’ll be too controversial to be asserted OOC. At most the New Republic, its proper title, might claim a heritage of the old ones, but the relation would be similar than US and the ancient Roman Republics’. Sapphire might tell you her version of the NR history based on actual facts if provoked In Character 😉 ))

  8. Causidicus
    October 8, 2012 at 5:37 PM

    We shall see just how far the Republic will go to win this war.

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