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Issulla Expands Odiminic Clan Operations

October 9, 2012

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide visited Issulla the Hutt on Sleheyron.

Sleheyron: Issulla the Hutt has settled back in as head of the Odiminic Clan after her brother Nerous had headed operations while she was believed to have been killed in an explosion aboard her flagship, the Vongchaser.

Reporters meeting with Issulla the Hutt.

Having healed and returned back to her position, Issulla has been busy expanding the Clan’s businesses and operations. The Odiminic Palace on Sleheyron has undergone a major reconstruction, with many new wings and facilities added, including a large cantina and the importation of several creatures such as a large Sarlacc. Though the cantina is still under construction it will occupy an entire floor of the palace and will be a central place in the Galaxy to host shows for the latest fashions, contests such Miss Sleheyron, and exhibition shows for Issulla’s latest products.

In addition to the building of the facilities, Issulla has been expanding her business from renting factories to other Hutts such as Yzmas for the perfume market and finding new areas for shipbuilding. Issulla’s latest acquisition has been the historic planet of Mustafar, whose natural resources will boos her shipbuilding.

As for the explosion that almost ended her life, Issulla stated that investigations determined it was due to a faulty power core, a design that has been recalled in all her other ships. For now a new flagship is in construction and great pains have been taken to insure the same accident doesn’t happen.

For now, Issulla is focusing on business, staying neutral in galactic affairs and willing to do business with any faction. GNN will hopefully cover the opening of the cantina once it has been completed.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira