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Galactic Empire repel an Attack on a Base in Coruscant

October 14, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News Network attended to a fight near an Imperial outpost in Coruscant

The beginning of the assault

Another combat occurred in Coruscant. An assault troop tried to control a Forward Operations Base of the Galactic Empire. This former armoury is now used as part of the Empire’s front-line offensive. From the fortified building, the small Imperial garrison had a full view of the vicinity and the combat started as soon the attackers were approaching in the streets. Despite their efforts, they were not able to force into the base and were repealed by fire of the imperial stormtroopers guarding it.

The combats will likely continue soon for the control of he city.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. General GS-556
    October 14, 2012 at 12:48 PM

    Combat is already plural, there is no need to add the s.

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