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VGM Entertainment to Hold Starfighter Competition on Nar Shaddaa

October 16, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide, spoke with representatives of VGM Entertainment and their star Nora Saria about an upcoming event on Nar Shaddaa involving star fighters. ((The event is scheduled for Monday the 22nd at 6 pm SL time, Celia Nodrim and Sophia Naumova have more information)).

Starfighter Competition

Nar Shaddaa: VGM Entertainment is gearing up to host their upcoming Starfighter competition. VGM Representative, Celia Nodrim, along with Nora Saria, the famed swoop racer droid, were on hand to speak about it, plus other possible upcoming events.

Miss Saria has become a household name after winning the Galactic Swoop competition, plus several other races including the famed Pod racing on Mos Espa. Who wins come easily and by such a wide margin, she has become the best known racer in the galaxy. Not surprisingly she’s contracted with VGM Entertainment to be the face for their events. In fact she first met them after one of the pod-racing events on Mos Espa and agreed to become their star draw at their attractions.

VGM represntatives speaking about their upcoming event on Nar Shaddaa

In addition to providing her appearance at pilot skilled attractions, she will also help host other events that would take advantage of her other skills such as dancing, combat abilities, and expertise in Pazaak. Winning several events in the past utilizing these other skills, she hopes that her fame will draw people to the events plus bring the best professionals in the galaxy for the crowds entertainment as she and others put on a good show for them.

Miss Saria said she knows there’s individuals out there that are more skilled in a specific talent, but she’ll be practicing and honing what she knows and hopes they’ll come out to the VGM attractions when they are hosted. She also looks forward to promoting VGM Entertainment as she travels the Galaxy.

Nora Saria speaking about the upcoming events

As for the first event, VGM has partnered with Shaka the Hutt to bring a starfighter competition to Nar Shaddaa. Quadstar Innovations will be providing the Longsword starfighters and competitors will use their piloting and combat skills to make “kills” on one another. Virtual munitions will be used though to simulate the combat to protect the pilot and the city below. The winner of the combat will be given substantial amount of credits and a CEC XS Stock Freighter.

Other events are also planned for the future, so viewers should be on the lookout for when they will be held. GNN will be one of the outlets for their announcements. As for the aspiring fighter pilots out their in the galaxy, come to Nar Shaddaa in a week and put your skills to use, you could win some great prizes. Miss Saria is looking forward to test her skills against yours and looks forward to everyone having some fun.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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    October 18, 2012 at 8:57 PM

    I plan on attending, if time permits.

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