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Announcements and Fights at Hutt Night

October 18, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended to the latest Hutt Night.

Hutt council at Hutt Night

” The Black Hole Casino on Nar Shaddaa was crowded for the latest Hutt Council public audience known as Hutt Night.The droid known as HK 50 Jeeves, was in attendance as host while Shaka, Ku’gan, Jengaz, Mit’lar and Issulla the Hutts were present for the Hutt Council.

First Shaka the Hutt made several announcements. Shaka announced that the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) had made several agreements as reported by GNN earlier. He was now going to speak with the Hutt Council about them in the following days as the council itself belongs to the this trade faction as well. Next he requested to the whole council that the Terentatek Park on Tython, that was returned to Shaka by the Galactic Emperor be used as the central base for Hutt operations in that system, namely serving those that require need in the occupied world. The other Hutts proposed that if there is refugees that they be brought to work for the Hutts to pay off debts for the humanitarian help. Lastly Shaka made the announcement of the starfighter Battle Tournament to be held on Nar Shaddaa in the coming days.

Nex and his men trying to sell Wonka

Next to come before the Hutts a man which didn’t say them his name. First he stated that other than Ku’gan he hated to deal with Hutts but he would this time as he had a possession that would be worth a lot to them. He then showed a holo-image of Wonka the Hutt encased in Carbonite who he then offered to sell to the council for 500,000 credits and proved it was Wonka by showing a prized piece of jewelry of hers. Several of the Hutts then began a bidding war before Shaka put an end to it trying to trap the seller, with an offer to spare his life in exchange for Wonka. This led to a fight between Hutt security and the man and his people, some of which were dropped in the creature pit where they faced a Dianoga. In the end, the sellers managed to escape doing damage to the casino in the process.

Darth Sae’hal at Hutt Night

Next Darth Sae’hal of the Disciples of Ragnos came to speak business with the Hutts. He stated that Mit’lar droid was ready and also spoke about a business deal with Shaka that they would talk more in detail later.

Nasirii representative making announcement about pod racing.

Following Darth Sae’hal, a Nasirii representative came forward to announce the weekly pod race. They will be held in Mos Espa on Tatooine.

Following the Nasirri announcement, VGM Entertainment representative, Celian Nodrim, made some further announcements about the upcoming starfighter competition, Shaka had mentioned earlier. She said those wishing to partake had to fill out an application that one could receive from a VGM Representative. She also announced that the winner would receive a XS Freighter.

Anokou announcing his return

Lastly, General Anokou came before the Hutts. He announced his return back to Hutt space and paid the Hutts back for services with interest. The Council was quite pleased.

With that, Hutt Night came to an end, though a fight broke out in the crowd, with several being injured. Its unclear at this time what instigated the fight or who exactly was involved as the crowd quickly dispersed after blaster shots were heard.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

Events Schedule:
Starfighter Battle Tournament in Nar Shaddaa: October 22 6pm, talk to Celian Nodrim or Vhaskan Resident for an application
Pod race in Mos Espa: starting 7 PM Thursday