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Travel report: Motesta Settlement, Tatooine

October 18, 2012

Travel Guide:

Bethany, co-owner of the Motesta Hotel

Motesta Settlement, Tatooine — For a town with one of the few major sources of water on the barren surface on the desert planet Tatooine, Motesta Settlement’s streets are deceptively peaceful.

“There is no Imperial law here or any other law other then the people that get along and live here,” said Ufga, a Jawa and owner of The Palace Cantina, who spoke to reporters through a translator device. “Miners, moisture farmers, smugglers the like.”

Perhaps more impressive than the absence of Imperial law (or the fact that buildings on Tatooine remain so.. “timelessly classic”) is the absence of a Hutt power in the town. The Town is run by a council of property owners. “People have businesses like a normal city, just we [are] a lot closer as we depend on each other,” said Bethany, co-owner of the Motesta Hotel.

“Don’t come here looking for trouble, because you might get what your looking for,” advised Ufga.

Slave at rooftop bar on Motesta Hotel.

But despite the warnings of the Jawa club owner, the streets are noticeably empty of gruff gun-slingers, sleazy backstreet dealers, and armored individuals standing on roofs. Instead, populated by slaves in brightly colored outfits which barely cover their bodies (and in some cases fail to cover them completely), and off-world tourists. And speaking of roofs, the rooftop bar is a great place to drop by and catch the view of the setting suns while you sample some of the local wine.

“We make our own wine from underground resources,” states Bethany. And there’s something weird about the wine that is for sure. (This writer suspects Glitterstim, not that she has any idea what that is).

Besides the special drinks, bantha-burgers, and wamp-rat stew which the hotel owner advises are just to die for (especially if you’re a wamp-rat, me thinks), Motesta boasts multiple clubs, dating services and brothel of sorts. “What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their own business,” comments Ufga.

Additionally, Motesta Settlement offers numerous areas to explore including a spice mine, oasis, temples, Mandalorian forge, arena, space station, and land for rent. ((4.5L$/prim)).

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