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SPEED Delivery Service Opens Up on Bakura

October 28, 2012

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide visited the SPEED delivery service on Bakura.

A new Intergalactic shipping company has opened its doors on the planet of Bakura. Named Special Parcels & Expedited Envelopes Delivery Services, or SPEED for short, the owner Babi Nadeu is very excited to have opened the doors to their new main office. She was kind enough to give GNNa tour of the facilities.

Babi Nadeu, owner of SPEED delivery service.

Helping run the smooth operations at this headquarters was Manlor Feldragonne. The facility was large, with crate, computers, and other equipment a major delivery service would need. In fact the company will ship anything to anywhere. The process is very automated and easy. A costumer just has to come in fill out a shipping form and drop of the item and it will be shipped as fast as possible. Custom jobs are also welcome and the staff on hand are prepared to help customers with their needs. Babi Nadea stated “We are a neutral company and plan on staying that way we work for the people no matter their belief systems or location.. As long as safe transit can be afforded our fright ships we can go there.”

The company itself has a fleet of different types of ships with the YV Class freighters making up most of it. Pilots are skilled and trained by the company to prepare to deliver a package to anywhere in the galaxy under whatever condition they may find themselves. Also in the works it setting up branch offices on as many worlds as possible. Babi Nadeais ready to speak with any interested parties stating that these branch offices will expedite deliveries even more.

Inside the SPEED main office.

According to the owner there are four benefits to using her company over other other. One is that there are affordable plans for anyone, with SPEED members qualifying for even more savings such as shipping packages on freighters already booked for a delivery. This plan has a deposit of 100 credits and payment of 30 credits a month, but can be far cheaper than paying for each payment. Secondly customers with members having even more perks are given personal service. Customers can also choose their date and time for the package to be delivered. All packages are handled and delivered by live sentiments not droids or other automated processes. Lastly the company guarantees the delivery and if the package is undeliverable a refund will be given back to the customer.

So if one is looking to deliver a package, wants the delivery guaranteed by a professional company with a personal touch, then look no further than SPEED. Offices should be opening up soon elsewhere as well, most likely on Dantooine first. For questions contact Babi Nadea either to set up an account, talk about opening office, or to seek employment. GNN as well is looking into using the company for its deliveries as well.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. cowl millet
    October 28, 2012 at 7:12 PM

    This sounds like a great service. Maybe they can open a branch in Kuat when it is opened to the public?

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