In Brief: Galactic Happenings

October 30, 2012

Arrest warrant issued for Tythonian Senator Tafo and Governor Avon.

It was recently confirmed that Republic Defense Minister, Lerina Desri has issued an arrest warrant for the senator of Tython, Sapphire Tafo and the Governor of Tython, Terah Avon. This warrant was issued following the release of information by the media that Tythonian senator was soliciting information from The Empire and Confederation of Independent Systems on options for secession from the Republic.

The Defense minister had the following to say: “The arrest warrant was issued for Senator Tafo due to the allegations against her. It was a request from a third party who I would prefer to remain anonymous as I am sure they would too. But there was also an arrest warrant issued to Governor Avon as well. They are to still hold their respective offices, but are to be under Jedi or military watch until they are both found guilty. They are as it stands, innocent until proven guilty of the allegations to one another.”

Republic Minister of Diplomacy Tae Aichi stated, “If the minister of defense feels that anyone is a threat to the Republic, or seeks to undermine it, then I feel that they are justified in that decision, no matter who is in office.”

However she later went on to state, “If any arrest warrant needs to be issued, ever, then diplomacy has failed. Frankly, Senator Tafo was within her rights to look for other options for her people, but not without the approval of the Planetary governor, afterall, the Governor, or other elected leader of the world is whom should be representing the world, whoever leads it, not who represents them in the Senate.”

Minister Tafo and Governor Avon were not available for comment.

Black Dawn Syndicate hover-tanks discovered in Tythonian jungle.

Yesterday, roughly a dozen Saber-class tanks were discovered in the Tythonian jungle by a member of the Republic-loyalist group Rebel Scum (who asked to remain anonymous). The tanks, which bore the makings of the Black Dawn Syndicate, were hidden under stacks of vegetation, presumably to hide them from satellite coverage. Republic officials couldn’t explain the presence of the tanks. Black Dawn Syndicate leader, Wing, said the tanks matched a detachment of tanks that had been mothballed in a factory on Lantillies, but wasn’t aware of the tanks’ disappearance until recently.

Crimson Skulls swoop gang expands influence.

The recently created swoop gang run by a man known as The Tusken is reportedly poised to take control of security on Nar Shaddaa. Crimson Skulls has also recently opened chapters on other planets — Tatooine is believed to have several chapters already. No members of the gang were available for comment.