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Piracy above Fondor

November 3, 2012

From a local correspondant in Fondor.

Reports are still flooding in from the wake of recent violence in Fondorian space. Still recovering from the recent war for its control, Fondor and its shipyards were attacked yesterday morning by what appears to be a group of Mandalorians still yet un-identified. The full extent of the damage is unknown, but the loss on both sides include Mandalorian and Fondorian fighters, extensive damage to the main control station of Fondor Space Command, one Mandalorian cruiser, a Mandalorian Crusader-class Corvette, and a previously unfinished Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer left behind by the Empire in its trade to the Mandalorians.

Among the devastation, two manufacturing centres of the Fondor shipyards are also missing and presumably destroyed in the fighting, though unconfirmed reports from the surviving members of the Fondorian combat air patrol cite the Mandalorians hijacking the stations and flying them away with newly attached hyper-drive engines to them. These manufacturing platforms were not working on any current projects, though they are capable of the production capacity of one Star Destroyer or several smaller ships at once.

No statements have been made by the Mandalorians, nor have any parties claimed responsibility for the aggression, though the people of Fondor have called for retaliation against the alleged theft and aggressions against them by the Mandalorians yet again.

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