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New Republic Senate meeting in Velmor

November 4, 2012

Galactic News was invited to attend at the Galactic Senate in Den Velmor.

The chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff opened the session recalling the recent recapture of Corsucant. Herself took part of the combat was wounded during the collapse of the Jedi Temple tower. After a moment of silence dedicated to those “those who have lost their lives in defense of the Republic,” she announced an upcoming medal ceremony for those having aided. After an address from the Senator Shan Connell from Bengat, the chancellor announced her next point, which was to lead another ceremony for combatant during the war in Tython which she believe was of different nature.

Senate Meeting

Then she reported the return of the recently kidnapped Senator Connell, then the one of the princess Thalia Janick and her future coronation as Queen of Velmor and deplored the capture of Tae Aichi, minister of diplomacy. After a concern about Onderon, the debate passed to the legislation.

The Senate discussed on the peace with the Empire. Most civilian powers agreed this war caused enough damage, but the Jedi recalled no durable peace can be done with the an Empire in the hands of Sith. The Senate then voted negotiations for cessation of hostilities with the Empire.

The Senator Ayeka Kel introduced a Galactic Alliance project, an entity overlapping the Republic, and allowing independent worlds to join. The binding would be economical and military, but political bindings would be loose. On the envoy from Uvena Prime Toshai Kylvik’s request, the Senator explained the organisation wouldn’t mean to rule the member’s worlds, but strengthen their trade and mutual defence. Example of Naboo and Bakura were given. At Senator Connell initiative, the Senate voted to suspend the motion, to clear up the difference between the Alliance and the Republic.

Toshai Kylvik also asked about the primacy of federal and local laws. The Chancellor answers some laws, such the one against the slavery where federal, whilst other remained locals, for instance the Republic didn’t impose any local government, and considers monarchies as valid as oligarchies and democracies. In case of conflict, the Republic law take precedence.

The Senator Connell proposed the next meeting would be in Tython, and a rotation is established. The Chancellor acknowledged Coruscant was not usable for a permanent place and a motion was voted to establish a rolling.

— Daana Kira

  1. Morrigan Wemyss
    November 5, 2012 at 5:19 AM

    If you ask me, the only thing happening on Tython should be arrest. After the behavior of certain members of the Tython government at Velmor’s coronation, they have proven once again they only wish to cause trouble. I wonder if the people of Tython are aware of how badly they are starting to look to the rest of the galaxy.

  2. Sapphire Tafo
    November 6, 2012 at 4:53 AM

    Lovely Kingdom of Bengat, after having arrested a Princess and a Minister of the Republic, the Queen attempts to arrest a Senator.

    By the way, Tython’s resistance didn’t wait the republic to organise their ceremonies to pay homage to the victims of the occupation and decorate the freedom fighters, one of this event occurred during the Senate meeting. Those we forgot deserving the order of the liberation are very welcome to inform me.

    The Republic might, however organises their own ceremony. The Parliament of Tython might lend its facilities for a Senate session.

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