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Republic Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff press conference

November 4, 2012

After the Senate meeting in Velmor the Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff organised a press conference.

Velmor: In a press conference, the Chancellor of the New Republic, Tiffany Vandergraff, said not having been aware of the raid against Nar Shaddaa, since she was convalescing in Onderon. The Decision was taken by the military authority and she lamets no diplomatic solution was found as well as the capture of the minister Tae Aichi.

Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff

She justified their actions, however, as they were rescuing a popular world leader, therefore the Hutt degraded first the relationship. She recalled Thalia Janick had to kill Huttila to preserve her life and her liberty. As citizen of the Republic, they were entitled of a protection. Also the Chancellor feel personally offended since Thalia is her niece.

According to the Chancellor, the minister of defence is entitled to send a several thousand of army troop to raid neutral system to protect a citizen of the Republic in a wrongful act. Even if she was not aware, she would have approved the gesture.

It’s unclear if diplomats attempt were made to sort the case peacefully, beside personal initiative such as Senator Tafo’s. The Chancellor is however assured she’s willing to negotiate openly with the Hutt and stated military force is to be used at last resort.

To help the rebuilding effort of Coruscant and Tython, the chancellor wants to use the use emergency relief funds to alleviate the cost of rebuilding. She is also soliciting private donors, her own company, Vandergraff Corporation will be part of them.

She want also to help the conflict in Tython between the Senator Tafo and the governor Avon, wanting at the end, the will of the people prevails and justice is upheld.

She came back on the coronation of her niece, Thalia Janick. Heir of the thrones of Onderon and Velmor, her and her family would have been popular so much at her return on Velmor, the planetary parliament decided nearly unanimously to make her a queen and to become an advising parliament. The Chancellor assured the vote was done without influence and the monarchy system was popular in Velmor due to its benevolent nature. As far as she know Thalia has no view on Onderon’s crown, and an hostile takeover wouldn’t be supported by the Republic. The Chancellor will preside the ceremony of coronation tomorrow.

The Chancellor also confirmed Uvena Prime approached the Republic and considered to become a member. She said she’ll be incredibly honoured if they joined, praising notably the liberation from the Revenant Armada and she regretted the Republic was not more present with them at that time. She considers them as “one of the best examples of the views of the Republic.”

— Daana Kira