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Tython Celebrates the End of their Occupation

November 4, 2012

GNN reporter, Rakiko Lowtide attended a celebration on Tython to commemorate the end of the Galactic Imperial Occupation.

Festivities get under way on Tython

Tython held parties throughout the planet, celebrating the end of the Galactic Imperial occupation a dozen of days ago. One of this event was organized by Senator Sapphire Tafo, was set in between the New Jedi Order (NJO) temple and the Tython government building. Several members of the NJO and from padawan to Master were in attendance along with members of the resistance that had fought against the Empire. Outsiders, notably from Yavin 4, joined the celebration along the time.

They all came to enjoy food, drink and dance. The party lasted for several hours and was still going strong as night fell. The people were in a festive mood even though several still talked about business and other problems still facing Tython and issues dealing with the occupation such as the matter of a bio-weapon or about a specific peace agreement with the Empire. However even the heavy talk couldn’t drown out the festivities and one could feel the joy everyone was experiencing.

— Rakiko Lowtide