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Coronation of Queen Thalia on Velmor

November 5, 2012

GNN Reporter Rakiko Lowtide attended the Coronation of the New Queen of Velmor, Thalia Janick.

Gathering for the Coronation of Thalia Janick.

“Velmor: After what was described as an overwhelming vote by the Velmor government, the life-long monarchy was restored. Filling these position was the noble Janick family which had produced several monarchs on other worlds such as Onderon. The ceremony took place at the palace and dignitaries from around the galaxy were invited, most from fellow Republic worlds, many of which are monarchies as well.

After a protester was removed from the ceremony, the coronation began.

Thalia Janick entered the throne room along the red carpet riding a large white stallion, followed by her aides on black horses, as the audience watched in awe. From the royal stage, her aunt the Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff approached Thalia as she disembarked. The Chancellor then made the proclamation that from this day forward, Thalia Janick would be known as the Queen of Velmor’s East, West, North, and South Realms. The new Queen was then asked to approach.

Coronation ceremony.

The new Queen was then given an oath to repeat,”“Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of the Velm system, the planet of Velmor, and of your Possessions and other Territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?, Will you, to your power, cause Law and Justice, in mercy, to be executed in all your judgments?, Will you, to the utmost of your power, maintain the Laws of the Galaxy and the Universe? Will you, to the utmost of your power, maintain in the Kingdom the order established by law? And will you preserve unto the Peoples of Velmor all such rights and privileges, as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?”.  Thalia answered in the affirmative to each question.

Following the oath, Mrs. Vandergraf then proclaimed the princess as the new Queen of Velmor and placed a crown on Thalia’s head. She was then introduced to the audience with her new title. Zula Cyn of the Royal Council and Royal Advisor came forward to pledge her loyalty to the new Queen. Following this pledge, Queen Janickthen addressed the people.

Queen Thalia Janick addressing the audience

The Queen stated she had two immediate duties as the new Queen. First was to make the first Knight; the honour falling on Sir Seraphinus. Secondly she honoured the men and women who rescued her from Nar Shaddaa giving each one a medal and a special thank you to Diplomacy Minister Tae. She stated that she had gone to Nar Shaddaa on a diplomatic mission but was instead captured. She was humbled and proud that the Republic had come to her rescue. With the end of her speech she then invited everyone to a buffet on the balcony.

As the ceremony came to an end, two sides were clearly being formed. One with a minority of objectors, which Hixal Aulus was one, and another with strong supporters of the new Queen including Onderon Senator Ayeka Kel and Morrigan of Bengat.

Time well be the judge it seems if Velmor made a wise decision, though maybe because of the troubled times in the galaxy many worlds are resorting to absolute monarchies as a form of governance. GNN wishes the new Queen luck as well as the people of Velmor.

— Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Thalia Janick
    November 5, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    Thank you for the wonderful article, GNN.

  2. November 5, 2012 at 5:16 PM

    Mr. Lowtide… My name is Ayeka, not Lily. thank you.

    ((seriously, grab a viewer that lets you see display names. o.o))

    • November 5, 2012 at 6:17 PM

      ((fixed the name))

      • November 5, 2012 at 6:40 PM


  3. November 5, 2012 at 5:36 PM

    Further, I don’t understand why people think that it is wrong for a local government to continue age-old tradition, even if said tradition is a monarchy. Note that I say a local government.. a localised sovereign principality. The Republic is a Representative Democracy, otherwise known as a Republic. However, the principalities that make up the Republic have their own ways and traditions.

    I come from the Hapes Consortium, which is a hereditary, matriarchal monarchy. Ta’a Chume has the final word on any legislation or Nation-wide decision. some may find this unfair and may find the matriarchal nature of our culture threatening to masculinity, but it is a sovereign Culture of a specific principality… current circumstances therein notwithstanding.

    Velmor is a traditional monarchy as well. The people seem accepting of this tradition generally, so why complain? The monarchs of some systems are of no threat to democracies of other systems. The thing that binds us together, regardless of political ideals, is the Republic constitution which takes priority in the event of legal conflict.

    On a different note, however, I fear that the desire to eliminate such possible conflicts and the desire for unfettered power to some monarchs prompts some to leave the Republic… which i find to be rather selfish and foolhardy, considering without the Republic, former member worlds are on their own for imports necessary to attend to their defence, quality of citizen living, and other things the Republic once provided them. I also find it immature to jump the blaster and leave due to one little misstep, expecting the Republic’s federal government to be all-powerful and able to jump in at a moment’s notice with all the power in the galaxy to fix their problem. What they fail to realise is that all worlds in the Republic are meant to help each other out to minimise issues that require federal aid. If the Republic is too focussed internally fixing the little things with federal aid, then any threat that looms on the horizon goes unnoticed and attacks are made before any effort to stop it can be mounted. Then, even more immaturely, then this happens, it’s the Federal Government’s fault for letting it happen, again prompting people to break away.

    Well, to those who break away, I wish you the best of luck and may the Force be with you… You not only weaken the Republic, but yourselves more-so. If you want the convenience of Republic federal aid, then you have to do your part to provide it to others when needed as well. We gather together under a single banner for the purpose of greater defence, greater economic strength, and more combined power to do the most good in the galaxy where and when possible. We are not a safety net nor a convenience.

    To all Republic worlds who remain, I urge you to see it as “we are all in this together”, rather than “Every world for herself.” Thank you.

  4. Thalia
    November 6, 2012 at 7:24 AM

    Let it be known that there are several different kinds of monarchies. There are absolute monarchies, constitional monarchies, elective monarchies, and so on. Some are more democratic in nature and others are not. The curren Velmorian Monarchy is an executive constitional one. I was elected by the Velmorian parliament. However, I am currently fighting against the parliament at the moment. Ideally, I would like the Velmoran government to turn into an elective monarchy in the future. Though I was well received by the Velmorian people, I want to give them more choice in who leads the monarchy.

    The Onderonian Senator speaks well on behalf of the Republic and on behalf of monarchies in general. I personally think absolute monarchies can be problematic because of the imbalance of power. I believe that the citizens of a monarchy should have a say in who leads their planet. Also, there seems to be an awful stigma attached to monarchial sovereigns in general. For those who truly believe that sovereigns sit around in enormous dresses all day doing nothing, well, that’s just not realistic. Those are fairly tale misconceptions, friends.

  5. Causidicus
    November 6, 2012 at 8:39 AM

    I have the utmost faith that Queen Janick will be both a benevolent and wise ruler. We look forward to her continued success and the peace and prosperity of all Velmorians.

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