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Punishment, Business and Chaos at Hutt Night

November 8, 2012

Reporter Daana Kira attended to the latest Hutt Night held on Nar Shaddaa.

The Black Hole casino was once again the site for what has become known as Hutt Night where the Hutt Council holds a public audience for anyone wanting to business with them. The evening, Ku’gan’s majordomo known as Nex Het “the Tusken” hosted the event, while Shaka and Issulla the Huttsfrom the council presided over the event.

Isuka before the Council

First to come before the Hutts, Isuka Laville. It seems she wanted to speak to the Hutts about the Tusken’s employment with them and his punishment to give up one of his arms to them in exchange for opening fire on them a few weeks back, This seemed to irritate the majordomo who stated he could speak to himself and he was sticking to the agreement he made with the Hutts. She then asked the Hutts to release him from his employment to see if he would stay loyal, though the Hutts cut the conversation short once they understood she was seeking a job with them, a matter she would talk to Issulla later about.

Abyssus preparing to remove the Tusken’s arm.

Following this business, everyone in the casino seemed to gaze upwards to an unusual scratching sound coming from the ceiling though their eyes returned to the stage as Admiral Abyssus came to take the Tusken’s arm as per the Council’s wish. The Tusken complied and knelt for his arm to be taken, a task which Abyssus accomplished with a dull, saw like blade causing the Tusken to let a surprised yell as he was probably thinking like everyone else that the matter would be done with a lightsaber. The Admiral continued to he deed in the most unpleasant way as possible until finally it was done, finished with the Admiral literally tearing the limb away. As for the Tusken he fell unconscious, his Tattoine mask falling away exposing a human face. Later he had been given enough medical attention to recover to at least awaken from the experience.

Following this event Baby Girl came before the Hutts. After stating it was good to be back she announced to the Hutts her plans to start producing entertainment events, which were covered in a previous news story. The Hutt Council seemed glad to see her once again and invited her to speak about her proposals more in detail personally with them.

Following the announcements by Baby Girl, the source of the earlier noise dropped down to the ground from the ceiling startling one of the patrons.The noise maker was a dragon-like creature who began looking at the audience that had turned their attention to him. Though the novelty seemed to have worn off quickly as one of the patrons threwa knife at the creature which then began to angrily fly around casino after having dodged the weapon.

Dragon-like creature causing chaos on Nar Shaddaa.

As patrons began drawing weapons on the creature the Hutts announced the end to their audience, but it was far from the end to the evening. As the patrons provoked the creature it decided to unleash its fury, lighting everything flammable in flames. With this, people rushed to the doors to get out as security tried to keep order. As the casino emptied out the creature wasn’t done voicing his displeasure with the people of Nar Shaddaa as it began to unleash it anger wherever it could find. Search parties were organized to find the dragon, but as the morning started to come, power to the city was broken, presumably by the creature, which led to chaos in the streets as people tried to find their way and make it to a safe place. Dangers of the creature may have been exaggerated, but it didn’t stop people from trying to flee the city causing a gridlock. Emergency crews finally started to bring order back later in the day.

What the creature exactly was or where it came from is unknown at this time, though hunting parties are still searching for it.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira