CIS Meets Again on Korriban

November 12, 2012

GNN Reporter Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest CIS meeting which was held on Korriban.

The Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) met once again on the Sith held of Korriban, where the Corellian Mining Corporation’s (CMC) representative, Gistya Antilles, has her office. Other CIS members also in attendance were Shaka the Hutt from Nar Shaddaa, Salene Lusch and Flint Mokeev from Zonama Sekot, Lady Kia from Dathomir, and Wing from Ilum. Issulla the Hutt was also in attendance to see if her Odominic clan and worlds of Mustafar and Sleheyron would be voted into the CIS.

Lady Kia started the talks with a proposal by the Ku’gan the Hutt and Issulla the Hutt to help their cause in joining the CIS. Ku’gan offered the exclusive use of a space port on Mos Eisley to CIS members, while Issulla offered the exclusive right to certain trade lanes to Mustufar and Sleheyronas well as a reduced cost mineral supplies to CIS members.

CIS meeeting on Korriban

A debate then ensued from the left over question of whether the Odominic Clan and it worlds would be allowed to become a CIS member. The Ilum representative was concerned that the inclusion of more Hutt members would form a voting bloc whereby the Hutts who would work together would overpower the other members. Wing even introduced an amendment to the constitution to allow new members on a contingency basis to lower her fears. Gistya Antilles reminded Wing that even though a unanimous vote was needed to vote members in, only a majority vote was needed to vote them out, so there was no need for more safeguards. Shaka also stated that he and Issulla were competitors in trade and would be voting independently.

Several of the other members also agreed that adding such an amendment to oversee new members would be too much of an administrative problem and go against the general freedom and equality each member had, with Gistya pointing out that a Judicial branch would have to be created to oversee such an amendment. Wing’s arguments seemed to indicate she favored a more central federal type government for the CIS while the others wanted to keep a more open independent type of confederation whose main purpose was trade. At times the argument seemed to get heated especially between the Ilum representative and Salene Lush of Zonama Sekot, which resulted in a question being brought up if Ilum itself had ever been voted as a member of the CIS or was just a Dathomir colony. In the end the matter was settled with Ilum’s membership not in question and the addition of the Odominic Clan to the CIS. Ku’gan’s entrance to the CIS was held until he could personally attend.

On the matter of paying the Revenant Armada for the security services to be set aside from each member world was agreed on for the contract based on a limited period of time with the main stipulation that the Revenant provide an accounting of their costs and services.

After the old business was concluded, Mandalorian Wod Kett alor of the Ha’rangir clan was allowed to speak to the representatives. He told that mandalorians clans are at war with the Revenant Aramada and that if they supplied the Revenant with credits and resources that the confederacy would be counted as part of the war effort and an enemy. He ws told in turn that resources and credits to the Revenant were only to be used to defend CIS interests, that if the Revenant was engaged in a war elsewhere that it would be on their own money. The Mandalorian didn’t seem to be swayed by this argument and countered that if any CIS credits or resources were found in Revenant hands then the confederacy would face the Mandalorians as well. In exhange he proposed that the CIS cut ties with the Revenant and instead hire the mandalorian clans as security.

Several of the members seemed interested in the proposal and asked the Mandalorians to draw up a contract and bid price that would be checked over at the next meeting. Miss Antilles also said she could speak with them in private to help. Wod Kett said he would return to speak with the other warriors about the details. Other CIS members didn’t seem as interested in hiring Mandalorians with Issulla stating she would be providing her own security to the shipping lanes. It’ll be interesting to see what the next meeting provides on the security matter.

With that the meeting came to an end. The next meeting will still be within the Korriban rotation so stay tuned.

— Rakiko Lowtide