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Ossus Jedi captured at Sith Empire Meeting

November 12, 2012

A reporter of Galactic News Network attended at the Sith Empire Meeting.

Jedi Horus in the meeting

Many dignitaries of the Sith Empire gathered in Byss around the Emperor Destius. The first speaker of the public part was Horus, a Jedi of Ossus, who advanced to the emperor, walking across a hostile crowd. The Darth Destius invited him to speak and and he asked directly the return of Ossus, since the Force would have called them to restore the light side on the planet. As Master Causidicus made the same demand last time, the Emperor asked if there is anything new and the Jedi replied he was just following the will of the Force. Darth Destius doubted of his interpretation of the will of the force since the Sith ruling the planet since so long now, assumedly with success. Horus said his interpretation was acquired by meditation. The Emperor once more declined the demand and asked his followers to put the Jedi in arrest, as member of a terrorist organisation. Horus tried to escape the meeting, taking his leave across the blaster bolts, but was caught by one of the Sith, then placed in a jail.

Ziost Governor Darth Sar’Rai

The Emperor thanked the responsible of the capture and estimated this capture could be a chance to learn of the secret base of the Jedi in Ossus and an opportunity to capture more Jedi when they will try to rescue him.

After few question where the Emperor refused to detail the activity of his spy network, Darth Sar’Rai approached. Recently appointed governess of Ziost, sent invites to her world. Expectingly GNN will be able to make a reportage of that planet. Also troopers if the Imperial Sith Military (ISM) petitioned to change the color of their traditional armour but the discussion heated with Sith dignitaries about protocolar prerogatives.