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Discussion with Ossus Jedi

November 13, 2012

In their office of Onderon, reporters of the Galactic News interviewed Jedi coming from Ossus.

Master Lalita and Causidicus Jedi of Ossus Praxeum detailed their opinion on the Sith Empire presence in the planet Ossus. They disregarded the designation as terrorist from the Empire, and told on the opposite they’re dedicated on preserving the planet and the interests of its people. The Jedi believe the people fear Sith anger enough to report they are happy when asked in their presence.

Master Causidicus and Lalita

While one of the Sith argument is they’re now ruling the planet since a long time, the Jedi say the lenght of time is irrelevant. What is relevant, according to Master Causidicus, is “that (they) free (their) people and restore some semblance of happiness, joy, prosperity to their lives. This tyranny has gone on long enough.” Master Lalita adds they had not the ressource formerly “to safely wrestle control back for the people.” She assures having spend a long time to cure the wounds left by the Sith across the planet.

Now they’re campaigning to gather support with already some success. They expect more aid will ever come to “free Ossus” and banish the Sith Empire from this planet. People can meet them in Ossus or letting known their helpful intentions. On he other hand, they complaint the Sith Empire becomes “more brutal in their occupation,” which didn’t surprised them as they see it as a trait of the Sith philosophy. Even if their ennemies are more present, the Jedi said they managed to fend off one of their “military strike.” led by Darth Nessa.

About the Jedi Horus was captured in Byss, the Jedi said they will not abandon him in the hands of the Sith, although they have not yet decided of an operation. They saw in this capture yet another example of the tyranny of the Emperor Destius, since he arrested a Jedi coming in peace.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Lord Decon
    November 13, 2012 at 2:28 PM

    Its a shame When Ossus contenues to be peacful. They send another Jedi with more demands. Proof that their resolve is a violent one. The Jedi came to threaten us Like Causidicus did before. We told them We would aresset them if they came with more threats and thats what we did. After we tryed a peacful Arrest the Jedi in question Drew his lightsaber and Proceeded to Kill a couple guards in his escape attempt Thankfully our General and My Apprentice were able to Aprehend the jedi and take him into custody. Nothing But lies that the jedi so clearly despratly want everyone to belive. When they are just upset after a long absence the planet is better off without their opressive rule. Your speak of Sith Philosophy as if you know somthing of it wich clearly you do not.

  2. Psychotol Acker
    November 13, 2012 at 4:05 PM

    You know, you could always make up something about Ossus making bioweapons, like that other Sith order did about Tython. Even went and made up some props too.

    What are you even doing there anyway?

  3. Lord Decon
    November 13, 2012 at 4:11 PM

    Why make up a false story? Seems to be the trend though. The Jedi of Ossus making up their story of opression when many i speak to that visit the planet say how beautiful it is. But we are there to offer our protection. Where the jedi Abandoned the planet long ago. We took the planet under our care. With the criminal rate at a minimal it is quite a peacful and refreshing planet. But the Jedi wish to disrupt this with their actions wich i will not allow anyone to perish by their hands. Ossus will contenue to be peaceful as long as im around.

    • November 14, 2012 at 5:19 AM

      Didn’t abandon it. If you’re going to invoke “long ago”s then you might want to do some research first.

      The Jedi set booby traps and sealed in the artifacts on Ossus to prevent them from being stolen as the Sith invaded, then went into hiding. It took Byss some time to break into the vaults, which they eventually did, in order to remove those artifacts and carry them home. It actually seemed like the whole invasion was done purely because Byss could invade a planet, knowing there would be little resistance due to a small population, and the planet had things Byss wanted to take.


      “The Emperor also explained that Ossus is at the top of the Empire’s interest as the world holds much history that needs to be preserved, a task that he says is painstaking as Jedi had sealed off and trapped many areas on the planet. However, for the upswing in activity there, he had this to say “these terrorists will be crushed by any means necessary. Their delusions of morality are transparent and pathetic. By opposing us, they only damage what they claim to want to heal.” Darth Draedius added ‘enemies of the Empire will be treated just so make it known they should expect no leniency on our part.’”

      To quote myself:
      “It’s suspicious that you acknowledge the need to trap and seal artifacts from you if your mission is to preserve them; trapping and sealing them so well that an empire has difficulty extracting them would seem to be fairly effective means of preservation already, and the actions of stewards rather than terrorists, though the sort of people who take “items of value” for their own possession when such did not belong to them before do have a name of their own…”


      “…Furthermore, the Jedi that used to call the area home have gone i[n]to hiding since the takeover.”

      “The visit to Ossus had also opened up many other questions such as the plans for Ossus by the Sith Empire, so to answer some of these, the next stop after saying bye to the historians was Byss. On the Sith Imperial capital, GNN met with Darth Aran and Darth Karola, aides to Emperor Validus himself. The two were able to confirm that the Empire wasn’t expending a lot of resources on Ossus as the planet had posed no resistance and was a stable acquisition of the Empire. As the historians had stated the day before most of the items of value had been taken and were now archived in Sith Imperial archives. [emphasis not in original]”

      And to quote myself again because, let’s be honest, I earned it:

      “People in hiding rarely pose much resistance, but people overwhelmed by invasion forces do not cease to exist simply because you would prefer they didn’t, to support the illusion of a peaceful takeover.
      “Even without that, by your logic I may step on to Byss and, if I see no one visible, declare that I am going to take over the planet because I can. Locked doors or traps I happen to encounter don’t indicate any possession of those they once belonged to! it’s only a matter of breaking in and claiming, I mean, “preserving” what I find for my own uses.”

      Hey Ossus. You’re welcome.

      • Lord Decon
        November 14, 2012 at 8:02 AM

        The people of Ossus didnt go into hiding the jedi did. Perhaps you need to do more research before you open that mouth of yours further. They went into hiding and abandond the people they claim to protect. We took up the responsibility and they have been in our protection ever sense. Your snarky remarks grow tireing Sohn Jowart i wonder why anyone would ever belive an Fool such as yourself.

  4. Anon-ma-non do do do do-do
    November 13, 2012 at 7:46 PM

    We’re surprised Jedi are being arrested on Sith planets when Jedi, past and present, have been known to do the same?

    • November 14, 2012 at 4:57 AM

      Jedi have been known to arrest other Jedi?

  5. Lord Decon
    November 13, 2012 at 10:30 PM

    When Jedi have an intent to harm citizens of our empire yes they will be arested. But if they have no intent on harming Our Citezens why arrest them? These so called Jedi Ossus have alredy stated their threats of violence and are to be arrested.

  6. Causidicus
    November 14, 2012 at 6:33 AM

    Thank you for your addition, Mr. Jowart. In the interests of avoiding redundancy, I’ll not argue the same points as before. Lord Decon, we shall have to agree to disagree.

  7. Master Lalita
    November 14, 2012 at 6:54 AM

    The Sith can never understand how much we do for Ossus simply because such abilities are beyond their talents in the Dark Side. Were it not for the efforts of Master Causidicus and I, the planet that is so often praised for its beauty to them would be as barren as their other holdings. The Dark Side corrupts all it touches and if Master Causidicus and I were not both skilled in Consitor Sato, known in more basic terms as Plant Surge, Ossus would not be green and beautiful anymore. But the Sith can not see this as they prefer to see only their own desires and not the suffering that pursuit of such causes. And just as we have cared for the planet, we have cared for her people. The people of Ossus have a much different opinion of the Empire’s rule when they are not facing Imperials. But who in their right mind would risk stating such an air of dislike to ones known for unwarrented arrests and brutality?

    Lord Decon, you ask why arrest a Jedi not intent on harming your Citizens… Well explain to me then why I was imprisoned once, before even becoming a Jedi, simply for being on Byss? Why was Master Deka arrested just for being present on Ossus, which he calls home? Why was I imprisoned a second time, and accused of murder along with Deka despite not a single body being left behind, again just for being on Byss? Why has our Padawan Horus been arrested for petitioning the Emperor to free Ossus? No where in this did any of us even think to harm one of your citizens, yet we are constantly hunted and constantly accused of slaughtering the innocent citizens we have been offering peace and protection to since the Empire attacked and took Ossus?

    The Jedi are not a mirror. We do not reflect all your evil back to you and as such you could never be further from the actual truth behind our actions.

    • Lord Decon
      November 14, 2012 at 9:41 AM

      You claim you did not Harm Citizens when we have proof to the contary. I Was there when you and Master Deka were trying to re-capture Ossus. Setting traps so no one could get into the temples. But we did even though we Lost some of our troops doing so. No citizens were ever harmed during our ocupation of Ossus. You jedi know nothing of preserving nature and its beauty. Do not try and pretend you do Master Lalita for i asure you have not been back for a long time and now you return to it just as you left it. As Beautiful as you left it. Padawan Horus was arrested for making the same threats Causidicus made. He came armed and drew his lightsaber after we tryed to take him in peacfully.

      The Jedi are not all peace loving as they wish everyone to belive. The claim they dont have an agenda save for freeing the Ossus when they clearly do. They attempt to Sway the people of the Galaxy by bashing Our Empire over the Holonet yet they hide and strike when they see fit Like true coward running from Justice. I Visit Ossus quite frequently and not one of you is in sight. Nothing but hiding in your little holes Then comming out to sabatoge supply’s for the Citezens of Ossus. You were arrested for comming to byss with violent intent. You did not come to byss with a peacful one. Master Deka was arrested For being the leader of the Terrorist Cell at the time. You will fail again. You will not take Ossus if its the last thing i do. I will fight to keep the citizens from your opressive belifs like they lived without them for so long.

      • Master Lalita
        November 14, 2012 at 12:20 PM

        As I said, Lord Decon, a Sith such as yourself who has been corrupted so grieviously by the Dark Side could never understand such a peaceful and benevolant power as what we have used to keep the planet alive. Had we ever truly abandoned the planet it would have withered just as your other holdings seem to. You have no lush, verdant planets in your control that are not so heavily seeped in the Dark Side that the plants themselves even begin to rebel against any who dare tread there. Every other planet in your controls has been destoryed by your mere presence. Why else do you think the highly known Sith homeworlds are all so barren? Byss, Rhelg, Korriban, Kalist VI. All dead worlds or corrupted by the Dark Side after remaining in Sith control for so many centuries. Just because you have not seen us in action does not mean we have not been at work. Ossus is no small world and even you Sith would be troubled to watch every corner of the planet at all times to know what we do or where we tread.

        You accuse us of so much yet have so little proof to offer. Show proof to the Galaxy that we have in any way acted against the citizens of Ossus. We have no need to sabotage supplies for the people. So show me proof that a Jedi of Ossus did so.

        Also, what violent intent was it I supposedly had in trying to locate my sister the first time I arrived on Byss? What violent intent was there in reading files on an unguarded and unencrypted console that anyone could have accessed? We were not called terrorists until mine and Deka’s most recent journey to Byss so how could he have been wanted as a terrorist before that?

        Only a Sith could be so blind to not even see past their own falsehoods and unproven ‘facts’.

      • Lord Decon
        November 14, 2012 at 12:59 PM

        Oh child, That is the perverbual “pot calling the kettle black” And yet you have no proof that we are causing the citezens harm. You have no proof that all of our holdings are a baren waistland. Byss is an unforchinate after math at what happend so long ago. This line intrests me “Sith homeworlds are all so barren? Byss, Rhelg, Korriban, Kalist VI” Byss is the only world in our holding in that list my dear.. Zoist is a beautiful place to be hold. As is Ossus. Neither of these planets are corrupted in the dark side. And neither is being protected by you. Also Rakata Prime Is a lush enviorment.

        I think your biased clouds your judgment little one. Korriban has always been the same way as it was Before The first jedi Steped foot on that planet. Before the First Jedi order even discoverd it. So blaming the Sith for causing Korriban to be barren is foolish and arrogant.

        Show the galaxy More planets in our holdings besides Byss that has Sufferd the sands of time, Oh im sorry you dont have any proof of this thats right. You have no proof to your claims. And do i need to remind you that Rhelg, Korriban, Kalist VI are not Byss Empire holdings. Rakata Prime, Ossus, Zoist, Byss, And Dromund Kaas are. I ask you to provide evidence of how Rakata prime, Ossus, and Zoist are suffering. Please show the evidence.

        Thats right because you have none. The lush forests on Zoist and Rakata prime do not survive because of you jedi. Nore do you jedi Cause Ossus to survive. Please Show the galaxy you have proof of the Byss Empire hurting any of these worlds when they are an Empire. You cant because there is no proof. What proof we do have how ever is your terroists group making threats of violence to get your so called world free of us. I remmeber clearly what Horus and Causidicus Said at both of our meetings. They gave altimatums. and Threatend to use Force if their demands were not met.

        They think they can put their weight in when they themselves have no ground to stand on. All you Jedi of Ossus come up with is blaming how Us Sith are. When No one sith. No one Order is alike. You cannot blame us for What the galatic Empire has dont to their planets. As it is out of our control. It is both foolish and arrogant to cast blame on Our Empire when we have nothing to do with their holdings. Do your reasarch before you speak Master Lalita for as you clearly are not doig it just makes you look foolish.

  8. Lord Decon
    November 14, 2012 at 7:52 AM

    Sohn Jowart I asume you relize just how long ago that truly was? And I asume you relize who Is the Leader of our Order now. Back then They were also Terrorists. Atempting to take back the planet by sabatoging Esental Supply’s for the planets citizens. They made their demands just like this Current group of jedi are doing and were promply defeated. If you truly didnt read the artical you would know this. Further more The Jedi abandond it more then once. They Abandond it multiple times Causing destruction and Death in their wake each time they made themselves known on Ossus. As they are labled as terrorist as they are now. Oh and btw Sohn Jowart. Dont try to lecture me on research child when i Was there when those articals occured Ive Been there a long time.. Perhaps it is you that should do your reasrch instead of trying to twist articals and make snarky comments like you are known for. So to put it short your credibility to me is of that of a short sighted fool. Causidicus the jedi have not changed sense the last time. You will not suceed into bringing the planet under your opression belifs. As for Sohn Jowart, Before you think you have somthing big, I would do your own reasarch on just who your talking to Because i know more then news articals could ever tell little one.

  9. Mikori Lawson
    November 14, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    All any citizen of the galaxy has to do is take the smallest look through historical archives to see what sort of creatures the Sith are, and have been, over the span of thousands of years. Be honest with yourself, Decon.

    • Lord Decon
      November 14, 2012 at 1:04 PM

      I am perfectly Honest with myself. The same cannot be said for you jedi hiding behind your belifs as a crutch.

  10. Cypress
    November 14, 2012 at 1:10 PM

    …I don’t think the words “child” and “little one” should be used as insults. Children are often the most perceptive beings in the galaxy. They’re not to underestimated.

    • Lord Decon
      November 14, 2012 at 1:28 PM

      I agree and i will Refrain from using such words in the future.

  11. Master Lalita
    November 14, 2012 at 1:36 PM

    It appears you hear about as well as you see, Lord Decon. I did not claim all the planets I listed belonged to your Empire, only that they have belonged to Sith over the centuries and millennia. Further, perhaps your research is off as well, or was your Empire lying when it claimed holding of Kalist VI in this article – https://galacticnewssl.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/sith-empire-meeting-displays-its-vitality-and-unity/

    Additionally, you also do not know your planetary history very well. “Ziost was once a world made up entirely of an ancient dark forest. However, the trees withered away and the planet became very similar (in landscape) to Korriban. Much of the planet was covered in ice. Not only was it a focal point of the dark side, but it was also the adopted homeworld and Imperial capital of the Sith species.” So while it, like Dromund Kass, may appear verdant and green it is also corrupted by the Dark Side. The same argument can be made of Rakata Prime though it, like Dromund Kaas, still gives the appearance of lush jungle.

    As I said, the Dark Side corrupts all it touches. And it is the beings in its grip that become the most blind to its effects on the Galaxy and both the people and worlds in it.

  12. Lord Decon
    November 14, 2012 at 1:49 PM

    Oh perhaps it is then.. Kalist IV is of our empire. You say the “Dark Side” the Sith Say the “light Side” there is no such thing ultimatly. There is the Force, The Sith and Jedi decide to call it one side or another. Everything Happens for a reason Master Lalita. Its those who embrace thos changes that will survive. It is the jedi who fear change. And the Sith who embrace it. That has been proven through out time itself. While You are correct about Zoist and Dromund Kaas Both are sources of this “Dark Side” you so seem to like to call it.. How ever. This is not caused by our empire. They were that way far much longer before our empire claimed them. We just wish to preserv the History there as we wish to preserv the History Of Rakata Prime, And Ossus.

    So blaming our Empire causing the planets we hold for being that of the “Dark Side” is still foolish and arrogant. Just because our ancestors dwelled there long ago and just because we have it in our Holdings. Does not mean we are not the same Empire or Orders that held those holdings so long ago. Do not let past history of the Sith blind you for they have no marret On how we proceed with our dealings.

    • Lord Decon
      November 14, 2012 at 1:50 PM

      If we do not preserv History and remember we are bound to repeat it.

      • Master Lalita
        November 14, 2012 at 2:05 PM

        And yet even your very words here are showing that history IS repeating itself. However it becomes clear that fact and fiction will never come together in this discussion and so I will simply agree to disagree with you, Lord Decon. Though I begin to wonder why others of your Order have not yet stood up to back your claims here. Perhaps they see more than you do.

      • Lord Decon
        November 14, 2012 at 2:09 PM

        Do not doubt me Master Lalita for i see many things I am not as blinded as you claim i am. I Have survived a very long time for a reason my dear. I am not as Niev as you claim me to be. I know where My Order stands. Do not pretend that you do, That is all.

      • Lord Decon
        November 14, 2012 at 2:11 PM

        Indeed it will never come together as your lies will be exsposed when this is all said and done.

  13. Darth Nessa
    November 14, 2012 at 8:48 PM

    **Takes this time to leave her thoughts**

    “The Lord Decon should be commended for his ability to have patience with the lot of you. Constantly jabbering away, with your lies and propaganda. It really makes no sense to aid someone who has a leg-up in a race to begin with. Claim all you want about what you do for the people of Ossus. Though while you hide in your caves, and make outlandish articles from other systems, we actually prevail upon the luscious world. Taking care of the people you left behind. Now that you want your world back, were just supposed to hand it over after all the work we put into it? That makes absolutely no sense. Also, I would not call me speaking to a guest of Ossus, and being jumped by three Jedi a Military strike. I am sure however you will make some claim that defending ones self against the all-mighty Jedi is a crime in itself.”

    “Continue attempting to gain support, continue to weave your web of lies and deceit. Cause I assure you at the end of this, you will have caused more pain, more hurt, and more death across the Galaxy then we. Tread carefully Jedi….”

    **Wrinkling her nose she shut off the recording and went back to what she was doing.**

  14. November 15, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    Darth Nessa :

    And finally, her highness Nessa swoops in to round out the Byss hover-shortbus.

    Lord Decon :
    The people of Ossus didnt go into hiding the jedi did. Perhaps you need to do more research before you open that mouth of yours further. They went into hiding and abandond the people they claim to protect. We took up the responsibility and they have been in our protection ever sense.

    Yeah, I don’t get these people who talk about Ossus like it’s some sort of urban epicenter for immigration and population expansion. Ossus’s major denomination is plantlife, and second to that… whatever lives in plants. The “people of Ossus” and the Jedi of Ossus are basically interchangeable. What is there to do there? Who goes there? Traders occasionally talk about setting up this shop or that shop there, but they’re gone in a month.

    The Jedi going underground is basically equivalent to a majority of the sentient population going underground. You are doing a pretty good job of protecting the people who are left though- because it’s pretty hard for anyone to harm empty air, except by poison, but that’s more of a Sith tactic than a Jedi one.

    Lord Decon :
    Your snarky remarks grow tireing Sohn Jowart i wonder why anyone would ever belive an Fool such as yourself.

    Then by all means, validate and legitimize my “Fool” position and those of the others here by launching into an endless verbal debate over particulars of their integrity. I’ll be here.

    Bein’ snarky.

    • Lord Decon
      November 15, 2012 at 12:10 PM

      Indeed because that is all you will ever be good for Sohn Jowart is speaking through the GNN being protected behind a false name and a Screen. The jedi wish us off Ossus but they are usuing their gorrilla tactics hiding and sabatoging. The Ysanna Tribes on Ossus are still there. We have not done anything to them and they are not hiding from us. SO saying The jedi that are currently Hiding make up most of the population is foolish Sohn Jowart. Yet another faild attempt as you fail to reaserch fully trying to take the Jedi’s Sympothy.

      • November 15, 2012 at 2:12 PM

        Lord Decon :
        The Ysanna Tribes on Ossus

        Who? Where?

        If this is a significant body of people that was worth taking over a planet for Byss to go out of their way to protect, where are they? Why haven’t they ever been featured in the argument before? Where is their retinue of people getting on GNN and posting laborious comments?

        Also, as an aside, please, Lord Decon. Keep talking and leaving comments. You reflect so beautifully on Byss for being their vocal representative here.

  15. Lord Decon
    November 15, 2012 at 7:49 PM

    Sohn Jowart :

    Lord Decon :
    The Ysanna Tribes on Ossus

    Who? Where?
    If this is a significant body of people that was worth taking over a planet for Byss to go out of their way to protect, where are they? Why haven’t they ever been featured in the argument before? Where is their retinue of people getting on GNN and posting laborious comments?
    Also, as an aside, please, Lord Decon. Keep talking and leaving comments. You reflect so beautifully on Byss for being their vocal representative here.

    Those Tribes are not trying to fight us are they? No so what reason do they need to comment on the GNN? What makes you think they care about a commenter like yourself on the GNN?. We have left them at peace and they have left us alone so why should they comment? The only ones intent on commenting are these jedi in hiding. I find it funny that your poor form knows no bounds.

  16. November 16, 2012 at 7:34 AM

    Lord Decon :
    What makes you think they care about a commenter like yourself on the GNN?

    I don’t. Which is why I didn’t say they did.

    Lord Decon :
    We have left them at peace and they have left us alone so why should they comment?

    To verify anything you are saying whatsoever. The fact that they haven’t made the effort to come out and defend Byss at all in this instance, while Byss’s own representatives feel the need to do so every time the issue comes up, indicates a level of insecurity and defensiveness that begs the question of how legitimate your position is in the first place.


    But seriously. Decon. Deconizer. The Deek. I’m almost convinced of your vast superiority over all other sentient life on the holonet. I think I might finally be able to grasp how awe-inspiring you are if you just leave one more, glorious comment.

    (OOC removed)

    • Lord Decon
      November 18, 2012 at 2:45 PM

      Insecurity? That comment is lauphable in its own right. There are always going to be those who disagree with us. There are always going to be doubters. As for My Postion i would invite you to meet with me Face to face for us to discuss your thoughts. Perhaps i could get to know the person behind this false fissad. Your words have their own Insecuritys in them. They hint at how fearful you are. Please I wish to visit you so i can clear up all the worries you have with us.

      Yes i know you are afraid of us Sohn Jowart. Thats why you insist on bashing us and trying to Discredit me through the holo net. Instead of cooming and Seeing me face to face so we may be able to talk about our diffrences. It shows how fearful and insecure you really are Sohn Jowart for I am A respected Lord in my Empire and to Our holdings. If you refuse to meet with me it just proves that you are nothing more then a coward Hiding behind a screen much like the Ossus Jedi are doing.

      • November 18, 2012 at 3:00 PM

        When you run out of legitimate arguments, call your opponent a coward! Classic tactic, Deek. Keep at it.

  17. Cowl Millet
    November 16, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    Now that I’m reading Jowart’s posts with a Toydarian accent, it’s so much better!

  18. Lord Decon
    November 18, 2012 at 3:15 PM

    Sohn Jowart :
    When you run out of legitimate arguments, call your opponent a coward! Classic tactic, Deek. Keep at it.

    Oh but you mistake how i used it. I didnt call you a coward. I said if you dont agree to meet me face to face you are a coward. Because those who are not willing to back what they say are just that… Cowards.

    • November 18, 2012 at 7:16 PM

      Lord Decon :
      Yes i know you are afraid of us Sohn Jowart.

      Uh, there doesn’t look to be anything conditional about that statement to me.

      • Lord Decon
        November 18, 2012 at 7:48 PM

        (have a good day Mr. Troll)

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