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Dantooine Held a Ceremony for DJE Promotions

November 17, 2012

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the knighting of DJE padawans and the promotion of a Knight to master.

The Dantooine Jedi Order (DJE), along with friends and allies attended the knighting ceremony of two padawans. Also a Knight was made a Jedi Master during the night as well. Several Jedi made speeches as to the importance of the Jedi and the Dantooine order itself and instructed others to not become lax but due their best in serving the force.

Knighting of Norma Lux.

First to become a knight on this day was Norma Lux who first took the vows to serve the citizens of the galaxy, to serve those in need, to respect life and to seek peace. Master Mistwalker conducted the knighting taking the padawan through her vows and what it meant to be a Knight and congratulating her on passing the trials. Other such as Master Sha’ira, Master Arth and Master Neren also gave words of wisdom and encouragement to the new Knight, praising her for her loyalty, patience and duty. Norma also addressed the audience thanking them for their  support and  announced she will follow the consular path. At the end, Padawan Lux was appointed as Lady Lux, Knight of the DJE.

Knighting of Aireann.

Next padawan Aireann was brought forward with her Master as she also had completed her trials. Master Mistwalker took her through the same vows, which the padawan repeated in the affirmative. Master Arth also spoke to this new Knight congratulating her as well and explaining the new path before her. Master Bala told of her pleasure of teaching this padawan and applauded her for her dedication this was followed by a congratulation from Master Neren as well. Sir Zakura, who was Aireann’s master congratulated is former pupil on her work and looked forward to her journey in the next stage. The former padawan herself gave a small speech thanking everyone, especially her former master and reasserted her loyalty to the DJE. With this, padawan Aireann was named Lady Aireaan, Knight of the DJE.

Sir Zakura named a Master of the DJE.

With the knighting completed, Master Mistwalker kept Sir Zakura at center stage. With the completion of training his padawan and his service to the Jedi Order, Master Mistwalker announced that Sir Zakura was to be name a master of the order. Mistwalker gave a speech on the importance of the role of a Master before taking Zakura through the vows of his new title. Zakura affirmed each to continue to serve the force, the order, those in need and the Galaxy at large while still learning and growing in the force. As the Master came forward to finish the promotion with ignited sabers, Master Destiny gave words on encouragement to the new Master, while Master Bala told of Zakura’s service to the order and against the Sith, and Master Arth congratulating him on his dedication. With the speeches finished, Sir Zakura was named a Master of the Force.

With the promotions of these members, the DJE continues to grow and prosper. GNN thanks them for allowing the press to be at this prestigious event.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira