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Darth Sar’Rai new governess of Ziost

November 18, 2012

A reporter of the Galactic News was invited for a tour of the planet Ziost.

Ziost Governess Darth Sar’Rai

The planet Ziost has a new governess Darth Sar’Rai. Named by the Emperor Destius, Darth Sar’Rai had some experience serving the Sith Empire, from apprentice of he former governor of Ossus, Darth Karola to head of Security in Prakith. Ziost remained in the Empire even after the depart of their close ally of the Obsidian Dominion and the abdication of the queen Darth Nessa, which stopped the rumour of a change of alignment for another Empire.

The new governess see this planet as one of the most important world for the Sith. With the Emperor’s approval, she wants to make revive the tired and neglected structures with the help of a newly named cabined and the manpower she brought with her.

The misty Dark Forest

Ziost could become a place where the Sith would be able to escape to the more crowded capital, some of them have already visited. The governor is notably working on improving the archive room, trying to collect rare artefact from around the Galaxy. Also precious crystal was already found. If the place might interest the Sith Empire in the foreground, the planet will be open to outsiders, especially the traders. The governor is specially interested by purchasing new artefacts for the collection.

Another place of interest is the Dark Forest, mysteriously preserved amid the testing frozen climate of this world. Darth Sar’Rai considers it is a “great focal point of power there that could help fuel creativities.” The place is not, without danger. This visitors whichever they’re looking for inspiration, quietness or trading opportunities will help Ziost to forge its place within the Sith Empire and the Galaxy

— Daana Kira