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Velmor Senator Heather Le’verve Running for Re-election

November 21, 2012

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met with Senator Heather Le’verve of Velmor.

Velmor: In the palace gardens we met with current Velmor Senator Heather Le’verve who has begun her campaign for another term as Senator. Velmor elections will be held in the upcoming weeks and every citizen is encouraged to vote for their voice in the Republic. Miss Le’verve is proud of Velmor’s long history of electing the senator even through the re-reinstatement of the monarchy now and that they were doing it before bills like Senator Tafo of Tython’s for the Democratization of Republic Worlds, though Miss Le’verve herself does not support that the Republic should interfere with local governments just the election of Senators.

Heather Le’verve giving a thoughtful interview on Velmor

On Velmor itself there is a movement to push the monarchy as an elected one, and the Senator herself supports the government but did say that if any citizen has a problem they are free to speak to the Queen, she takes considerable times in listening to the concerns of the citizenry.

As for the role of Velmor in the Republic, the Senator would like to see as a leader to unite all the planets to make a strong government that takes care of the people of the galaxy. She stated that the Republic had made mistakes in the past and she wished they had acted faster to respond to Tython’s occupation and for that she was sorry. But as this is a new day she hopes Velmor and other systems will push the Republic to act and not repeat the same mistakes. As for the Governor of Tython stating that Tython was leaving the Republic, the Senator says she hopes to speak with her and will make sure to respect the will of Tython’s people.

Senator Le’verve is also positive for the future of the Republic. Things may have not run smoothly in the past but new ideas in the Senate along should revitalize the institution and she’s going to push for Velmor to be at the forefront of it. Also she’ll push for the Republic to help those in needs and help liberate those planets wishing to escape a Tyranny and are seeking liberation.

In conclusion the Senator had this to say “Thank you to the people for allowing me to serve you thus far. Thank you for whoever does vote for me and those that vote for my opponent.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira