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Threats and Business at Hutt Night

November 22, 2012

GNN Reporters Daan Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Hutt Night.

Hutt Night, where the public could speak with the Hutt Council, was once again held at the Black Hole Casino on Nar Shadda. Ku’gan’s majordomo known as the Tusken hosted the event while Shaka and Vakeva the Hutts were in attendance from the Hutt Council.

The Hutts Shaka, Vakeva and Issulla

First to come before the Hutts was one of the Hutt’s security personal, Jay. He announced that the birthday of Shaka the Hutt was coming up soon and asked the famous Hutt what he would like as a gift. After speaking about the matter, Shaka stated that he would enjoy a rare artifact. Further announcements of a party may also be coming soon.

Next Vakeva the Hutt announced the start of the Kessel Run. For those interested, Vakeva has several cargo runs needed to be made along this infamous portion of space and has a made a competition of it to see who can complete the run the fastest. All Ship Captains and Smugglers are invited to participate but positions are limited and those interested need to pay an entrance fee and sign a contract with Vakeva. The winner of the event will receive 700,000 credits, a trophy, and either a new ship or a major upgrade to theirs.

Vice Chancellor Sapphire Tafo (left)

After the Hutt’s announcement, the acting Vice-Chancellor of the Republic, Sapphire Tafo came before the Hutt Council. Giving the Hutts a gift of eels from Ossus, she then told that she was clearing some final business that the Diplomat Minister, Tae Aichi, still needed to be done after her resignation. For her business on Nar Shaddaa, the Vice Chancellor asked about the virus samples that had been given to the Hutts to test by the Galactic Empire to prove the existence of a bio-weapon having been produced on Tython. Shaka stated that his independent labs had finished their reports and that the results and the test samples had been sent back to the Diplomatic Minister but that Tafo would be provided with them as well.

Before the Vice-Chancellor could leave, both Vakeva the Hutt and the Tusken stated that they should take this opportunity to make the Vice-Chancellor pay for the Queen of Velmor’s escape from Nar Shaddaa. Vakeva stated that Tafo may have even orchestrated her escape and should be punished. Shaka though stated that the Vice-Chancellor brought gifts and money their way and shouldn’t be punished for the actions of others. Shaka even discussed with the Vice-Chancellor about re-introducing the mining bill back in the Senate, a matter that Sihivus Verne seemed interested in and would like to attend any meeting discussing the matter. The Vice-Chancellor agreed to speak with the Hutts later and would see about their proposal to the Senate, possibly bringing experts to discuss the details.

The X Play staff presenting the cup

After Vakeva reluctantly let the Vice-Chancellor go for now, Baby Girl and her associates, La’a and Mix Bade, from her company came to speak to the Hutts about the X Play entertainment corporation. She announced that they had many projects in the works, but that the Galactic Swoop Cup, co-hosted by GNN, would begin soon. This year the swoops were to be standardized across all the races and that obstacles such as being fired upon would be more common place at each leg of the race, if the planet that was hosting a particular part of the race allowed it. Commissioner Jol’ee from Mos Espa stated that firing up on the racers in her city would be against the law.

Baby Girl continued her announcement stating that the first race would be held on Bakura (Dec. 1st) followed by Mos Espa (Dec. 8th) and Nar Shaddaa (Dec 15th). Other races would be scheduled once the details were worked out. For more information prospective racers could contact anyone at X Play, but further details would be announced before the first race.

Musician in the Sarlaac pit

After the announcement of the Galactic Swoop Cup, Hutt Night came to an end, but not before a fight broke out between Commissioner Jol’ee and the Tusken over the Commissioner’s loud refusal of racers being shot on. It ended quickly and the Commissioner left the casino without further incident, though a local musician was dropped in the Sarlacc pit after talking non-sense to the Vakeva.

– Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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    November 22, 2012 at 12:05 PM

    I should clarify, I no longer work for the hutts. Shaka is still a friend though.

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