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Re-Organization of the Republic Senate

November 25, 2012

GNN Reporter Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Republic Senate meeting.

Following the resignation of the Republic Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff, the resignation of Diplomatic Minister Tae Aichi, and the controversial succession of worlds like Tython nad Velmor, the Republic Senator met on Coruscant. Acting Vice-Chancellor Sapphire Tafo led the proceeding. Also in attendance were voting members Senators Shan Connell of Bengat, Nomi Drewmoore of Dantooine and Bie Melan’lya of Bothawui. Finally also attending the Senate meeting were King Downz of Bakura, Chief Justice AEON, and NRSO Commander Cirden Fang, Jedi Master Iria Tuqiri of the KOJ and Jedi Master Saritha of the NJO.

Senate Session in Coruscant

The session opened with a speech by Vice-Chancellor Sapphire Tafo who started by a sarcastic comment about leaving the Republic or blaming others to be a Sith Lord, said that the first area of concern should be the start of elections for all positions. She wanted the Senate to review the how elections are handled and a review by the Chief Justice on the matter of ascension. She then wanted the Senate to make a review of the status of the Republic.

Chief Justice Aeon then came forward to speak. He started by saying that because of the recent events and so many positions and senate chairs open, that this meeting should be characterized as a re-organization. To start this process he recommended that a temporary executive chair be elected on to over see the meetings, a position that would change at each meeting until permanent positions were voted on. For these meeting Senator Nomi Drewmoore was elected to oversee the proceedings as their was an objection by Bie Melan’lya for the vice-chancellor to hold it.

Nomi Drewmoore began by opening with discussions on Amendment 1, reforming the electoral college for the chancellor and vice chancellor elections for they have the same number of electors by world. This election re-organization was passed. The next matter was Amendment 2 allowing a no voting representation in the Senate to non planetary system. Since the wording was unclear no procedure was defined for they join, a committee will be set up to rewrite this proposition.

Next Vice-Chancellor Tafo suggested they take a new vote on a proxy vote bill that was vetoed by the former Chancellor before she leaves that would allow voting member worlds a chance to vote on bills even if they couldn’t physically be at the Senate. The legislation was held over for the next session for gathering more advices.

After the votes, the Senate decided on an Interim Chancellor. The position was filled by Senator Shan Connell of Bengat. The acting Chancellor then improvised a short speech.

Acting Chancellor Shan Connell
I wish to say that this Republic is worth existing. Worth supporting with your time, your votes, and your presence each week. We the citizens of the Republic, need you and for those worlds who have seceded you are welcome to return when you no longer wish to be Separatists.

Following this temporary election, the Vice Chancellor gave a speech on the state of the New Republic.

Acting Vice Chancellor Sapphire Tafo:
The Republic has several issues, and I don’t fully disagree with the portrait drawn by the leaving chancellor… Although one of them she forgot, and it’s understandable, is the state of abandonment of our community by the former administration. The role of the executive for me is not simply organising weekly meetings. It is to manage the Republic daily, it’s to ensure everything is working smoothly and impulsing a politic to the Senate with the Senate. Nothing really was done recently, but it’s not too late…

On my point of view one of the point needing a serious change is the Constitution itself… I think it’s the time for it. We have some gems such as the Chancellor is in charge of signing every warrant or Jedi named everywhere while they claim they don’t do politic… and our famous election process which was the first scandal of the former administration…

Also, the chancellor has to ensure the worlds are correctly administered or defended. He or She should report to he Senate when there is an possible trouble, and not issue a decree without asking anybody’s advice. This would otherwise lead to illegal decision and increase the unrest in the Republic. One of the late illegal issue was the suspension attempt of the Chief Justice. The right answer is to fill the Supreme court as said by the law. Also I initiated an investigation commission, although with this events, the Jedi I trusted it went rogue, It has to be trusted to a more reliable one.

About the worlds leaving… it’s always the same acts “We tried to talk with the republic but they’re worthless.” Naboo? Has the last queen ever tried to meet the Senate? Tython? Who has ever met Avon knew she wanted to secede before everything else… Velmor? The few weeks old queen would have failed to agree with the Republic, her aunt being chancellor and we wouldn’t have done anything for her…It’ll be laughful if we wouldn’t remind the thousands of republic soldiers dead in Nar Shaddaa for she can get her throne… In all case, the world appear to be the personal toy of one. No people or parliament have a say on the politic…

If you believe your world has this “feature,” I really wonder what It’s doing in the Republic. The local parliaments shall have their say on entering and leaving the Republic… and I guess it’ll be to the next administration to check they have an actual power. We cannot continue if we just gather a band of moody leaders.

On the other hand… if you are here for the interest of the people, if you want to fight with the respect of their rights for their liberties, I’ll say “Welcome!”

Tank firing on the Senate

Next the interim Chancellor, Connell, asked for emergency powers be granted to her by the Senate. However the Senate wanted a report on the state of the military first. This prompted Commander Fang to come forward and say the Republic is weak right now only being defended by NRSO forces. Others pointed out that the several Jedi orders around the galaxy could also be counted on. Master Tuqiri invited the Senate members to attend the next Jedi High Council meeting. Commander Fang said the Jedi couldn’t be counted on and that if the military spending wasn’t increased or changes in defense made he would pull his own forces out of the Republic and stormed out of the chambers with his men.

People leaving the senate building in fire

The Senate meeting was adjourned, but the night was far from over. As people began leaving the Senate chambers, several of the defensive tanks and other military hardware began firing upon the Senate building. Surprisingly the former droid governor, Zach Rodchester came forward to take control of the Senate’s security. Along with the help of Tafo’s Security chief Shogarii, they were able to finally bring an end to the chaos, but found battle-droids controlling the military vehicles. The senate building sustained severe damages. A few people were injured, notably the Vice-Chancellor Sapphire Tafo, hit by a shard during an explosion, though she was taken a local hospital and released after healers and Jedi treated her, even if she looked weakened.

Who ordered the attacks or why was not revealed at this time but it seems Vice-Chancellor Tafo had gotten into contact with them, as she spoke on the comm about the Republic being able to reorganize and there was no reason to attack it. The future of the Republic is uncertain, but GNN will cover the events as they occur.

— Rakiko Lowtide