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CIS Meets Again on Korriban

November 26, 2012

GNN Reporter Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest CIS meeting on Korriban.

Korriban hosted the latest Confederacy of Independent System (CIS) for their latest meeting. Overseeing the meeting was Correlian Mining Corporation (CMC) representative Gistya Antilles. Also in attendance was Salene Lusch and Flint Mokeev of Zonama Sekot, Shaka the Hutt of Nar Shaddaa, Issulla the Hutt of Mustafar, Wing of Ilum, and Lady Kia of Dathomir. Several of the representative’s staff were also on hand.

CIS meets on Korriban.

CIS talks began with the issue of security and the announcement at the last meeting by mandalorian clan Ha’rangir that the CIS would be accountable if they hired the Revenant Armada. Since that time, Issulla has hired the mandalorians to oversee security in Mustufar and Sleheryon. Likewise Wing did the same for Ilum after a padawan who was legally collecting crystals was brutally attacked and injured by a Sith. Since the Revenant Armada was only being hired to defend trade routes, Wing hired the mandalorians for local defense. The attack may have been a retaliation for Wing breaking out of an Imperial prison on Kuat, though the exact details of her arrest weren’t given. Other members stated that the Sith attack on Ilum may have been a random event or another Sith faction who was unhappy with CIS members doing business with Jedi.

Antilles offered that an official declaration of Trade Security Zones (TSZ) be made, which are those areas protected by CIS security, and that a formal way for citizens to know these exact areas be made, possibly through a kiosk system. These zones would be the formal areas protected, other areas needed to be defended by the individual member. Other members agreed and the general establishment was that the CIS would only have jurisdiction inside these TSZs. A Trade Systems Committee was formed to finalize these TSZs as well as form a new credstick system. The Committee’s work would be voted on at the next meeting.

Lady Kia then took the floor and stated that Naboo under Queen Talani was requesting a delegation from the CIS to be sent about Naboo’s inclusion. The other members agreed and Naboo should be receiving the delegation soon. Secondly she reported that the Governor of Tython had informed her that CIS shipments to that world should stop since she hadn’t been a party to the deal. The CIS had been providing several shipments of relief and goods to Tython to help rebuild after the occupation so aid that world’s economy so they trade could be opened with them. Several members were at a loss as to how the governor could even control the trade and the relief efforts had been negotiated with the Tython Senator and legislature. However, they all agreed to stop shipments there and to send an evaluation team to see the exact nature of the Tython government and if that world was even open up to any business.

Next Wing made an announcement that Chelsea of the Rebel Scum, one of the groups that helped liberate Coruscant, had tried to steal crystals on Ilum and then committed assaults and property damage when she resisted arrest. Ilum was under contract with the Republic and the Jedi to provide crystals in exchange for the latter two factions to provide mining and food. Wing asked that the CIS issue a warrant for her arrest. The warrant was barely voted down, with several members stating that crime was done outside of the TSZ and Ilum would have to deal with their own private contract, though Wing was informed that she had several options, negotiate with the Republic for compensation or place a bounty on Chelsea’s head. Issulla the Hutt agreed to provide the bounty hunters if necessary.

Next an amendment was brought up to be voted on at the next meeting which would allow certain groups or factions without territory to have a non-voting place in the CIS where they could observe and make their voices known. Most members seemed to welcome such an amendment but the vote was held off for discussion.

With that the CIS meeting came to an end.

— Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Ariana Driskani
    November 28, 2012 at 7:46 AM

    As the Jedi attacked by a Sith on Ilum I can safely say, it had nothing to do with any of those things. My character and the Sith have met before and he simply followed me there. It wasn’t entirely random as he had a reason for coming but it doesn’t have anything to do with Wing’s arrest or Sith unhappy with Jedi on Ilum.

    • Vurr
      November 29, 2012 at 7:05 AM

      (( If you are talking OOCly, use brackets. It’s an IC forum. Just a friendly suggestion. ))

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