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Trade and Event Announcements at Hutt Night

November 29, 2012

GNN Reporters Daana Kira attended the latest Hutt Night.

“The Hutt Council met once again at the black hole casino to oversee their periodic public audience where anyone would be allowed to come talk to them about trade or other concerns. This event was hosted by the droid known as HK-50 “Crash” and was overseen by Shaka and Issuulla the Hutts. Also on stage with them was Ku’gan’s majordomo known as the Tusken.

Darth Sar’Rai with her gift for the Hutts

First to come before the Council was the Ziost Governor, Darth Sar’Rai of the Dark Lords of the Siths (DLotS) who not only brought greetings from her world but also from the Sith Emperor of the Byss Empire. Ziost had ended their monarchy system a while ago, and Darth Sar’Rai is the current appointed Governor. As a gift for the Hutts she brought a rare crystals from her home world, that emitted a bright purple light. Proclaiming her business with the Hutts she stated that with approval of the Emperor, hyperspace lanes have been re-opened to Ziost and therefore trade has been re-established. Darth Sar’Rai hopes to make Ziost an important Nexus for the Sith and would like trading in rare Sith artifacts, relics, holocrons, etc. as she hopes to make Ziost a central depository for Sith history a goal she may have to compete with Korriban for. She is willing to pay high prices for these Relics and came to Hutts to enter into an agreement with them where they could provide such objects through their contacts. The council seemed intrigued and said they would look for contacts for her and meet in private with her to go over the details.

Next a man who wished to remain anonymous came before the council to invite them to his bar “Beer Muscles Bar and Gym” for a party. The establishment is also being re-conditioned to hold boxing matches as well as other fights. For now the establishment is providing food, drink, and entertainment. The bar is opposite of X Play making this part of the city a hot-spot for those seeking to go out for the night.

Members of X Play before the Council

Following this bar owner, representatives from X Play including Baby Girl and La’a came before the Hutts to announce that the races will occur a week later than anticipated and that the race on Mos Espa has been canceled for now. The first will occur soon on Bakura though ((December 8th)) followed by Nar Shaddaa couple of weeks later. Racers can sign up at the time of the race, but practice on the tracks will be open 3 days prior. For this year’s Galactic Swoop Cup, a standard swoop will be provided to all racers during all the races.

Mircyric Buruk inviting the Hutts to Concord Dawn

Last to come before the Hutts was Mirciryc Buruk who announced that Concord Dawn, administered by the Mandalorians, will be open to all. Everyone looking to conduct business is welcome, but the area is truly known for their weapon smiths and breweries. The settlement is also home to an Academy of Science and Archives. Uniquely Buruk announced that there was also a state of the art refugee complex and that she asks those coming for buisness help transport the galaxy’s orphans there.

With that Hutt night came to an end and the Hutts left to conduct private business.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. faardor
    November 29, 2012 at 5:43 PM

    (( the last name should be Mirciryc Buruk. Which is correct in the picture but not in the text ))

    • November 30, 2012 at 12:50 AM

      ((spelling fixed, thank you))

  2. Arman T'ad
    November 29, 2012 at 7:20 PM

    …inviting slugs so close to the Mand’yaim?! have you lost your senses?

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