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Investigation reports at the Galactic Senate session

December 2, 2012

Galactic News Network attended at the meetings of the Galactic Senate of the New Republic.

The Senate meeting was shortened by a visit they scheduled to the Jedi High Council. The Acting Chancellor Shan Connell started to give the speach to the Acting Vice Chancellor, Sapphire Tafo, about the investigation on the alleged bioweapon in Tython which had led to the invasion of the planet by the Galactic Empire. She announced the Jedi of Dantooine were in charge of the case, they questioned few witnesses and analysed the samples they had, they also have the result of the sample given up to the Hutt by the former minister Tae Aichi. After the Senator Bie Melan’lya from Bothawui reproached nothing was done at all, the vice chancellor recalled the investigation started late and stated the Jedi have now made some progress.

Yavin 4

Senate Meeting in Yavin 4

The Acting Chancellor announced she has trusted the investigations on the attack of the Senate to the Grand Army (GAR) in Bakura, but she had no news yet of the progresses. The building in Coruscant by NRSO assault vehicles. The Commander Cirden Fang had said their droids were sliced to act on unknown orders. The extend of the damages are not fully known.

Still about investigation the Acting Vice chancellor recalled she trusted those on the allegations made by Frenris Kha’jiir the Chief Justice Aeon was a Sith Lord to the care of the Jedi of Iziz. Their master Viprous Auroras was helpful and said they progressed but he didn’t detail.

Shan Connell also announced she proposed Downz as Associate Justice, in the supreme court, to be voted by the Senate later. He said he’ll do his best “to clean the courts and corruption from the Republic.” Sapphire Tafo protested such a position would be given to a foreign king and Downz said she was herself Senator of Tython, no more in the Republic. She rectified she was actually Acting Vice Chancellor but would leave her position if “abuses of friendship naming like under the former administration” continued. Downz said he didn’t represent Bakura in the meetings but was member of the Advisory Council. The Chancellor recalled he fought for the Republic in the past.

Lastly, the Jedi Marsh Solo announced the Jedi temple of Tython was attacked few days ago by someone claiming she was working for the Tython Liberation Front (TLF) and was sent to attack by the Vice Chancellor. She refused to talk furthemore after her attack and the Jedi are checking the validity of her claims. The Vice Chancellor couldn’t answer because the sessions ended suddenly since it was the time to meet with the Jedi Council.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Master Solo
    December 2, 2012 at 9:41 PM

    I have told the vice chancellor that there was no more information to give her to until we question this person even more one are jedi masters is working on it right but from what i am told by her report the person is unwilling to say anything more us. for some reason we do not know if this person is lieing or telling us the truth most likely she is lieing but we can not sense it yet

    • Sapphire Tafo
      December 3, 2012 at 1:18 PM

      There is a major issues with all of this investigations (not just yours, the one on the Onderon’s queen too) You don’t ask anything to the main concerned party. I’ve not been in Tython since age, and you know why… that should suffice to prove this attacker is lying.

  2. (Captain) Alex Kardel
    December 3, 2012 at 12:36 PM

    I question why Sapphire Tafo is vice-chancellor if she was not voted into the position, an election by the people which she claims to represent was not held, and the planet she was acting senator of left the Republic, making her a non-citizen and as a result, incapable of holding the post.

    People claim the Republic isn’t broken and dying yet you have an unelected non-citizen holding the second most powerful position in the Republic who has convinced herself that she’s Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and can do anything she wants.

    And yet you wonder why systems and planets leave the Republic almost daily at this point, following in the Bakura System’s stead.
    Sapphire Tafo is a living symbol of the incompetence of the modern Republic political system.

    • Sapphire Tafo
      December 3, 2012 at 1:13 PM

      Many inaccuracies for such a clear-cut conclusion…

      I was elected Senator of Tython (and not acting Senator), then voted acting Vice Chancellor (not vice chancellor.) Both elections were open and regular and I’m still citizen of the new Republic. Tython’s place in the Republic doesn’t affect the position, just remember the chancellor Downz remained when Bakura left. By the way, I said the Senators if they want my (acting) position, they’re free to ask for it, I’m not going to grip it up to the nonsense like some predecessor.

      Bakura left due to a whim of its queen, as did some other queenship worlds, showing the lack of care such autocracies have for their people’s voice.

      Since I’m in position I’ve spend a lot of time to clean up the mess left by the former administration which left the Republic in abandon in the best case, and to show the presence in the Republic in their worlds up to the point I’m neglecting my own business. Maybe you can judge on the action, rather than false rumours.

      • Vox Cast
        December 3, 2012 at 2:22 PM

        I don’t remember hearing about Bakuran citizens wishing to remain in the Republic, has GNN reported on this?

    • December 3, 2012 at 4:24 PM

      (Captain) Alex Kardel :
      And yet you wonder why systems and planets leave the Republic almost daily at this point, following in the Bakura System’s stead.
      Sapphire Tafo is a living symbol of the incompetence of the modern Republic political system.

      How is Tafo the living symbol of the republic’s incompetence? She’s barely assumed her position- most of the defections and corrupt appointments predated her. Look at the chancellor politically who lost the most republic worlds, militarily lost the republic’s capital and then abandoned the defense of another of its worlds, and who publicly appeared as a spokesperson for the republic’s political enemy (the Tetans), or on behalf of her niece, more often than she ever appeared to publicly speak as its chancellor. After a generous time in her office, she had made absolutely no progress towards any comprehensive reform, nor did she vet any of her subordinates. Then she cut and run out of the republic just as the “osik” hit the fan, leaving the blame, and the crumbling ruins, in the remaining few laps that remained in spite of her rule. I’m talking, of course, about Vandergrass.

      Tafo is in power because no chancellor or vice chancellor took the time to vet her. Maybe she is behind the terrorists from Tython. Maybe she is a political tyrant and usurper. Maybe the queen of Onderon is a Sith, and the chief justice. The Republic would have detailed information to confirm or reject all of those assertions if they ever bothered to investigate the backgrounds of the people who joined it- the blame for the appointment of Tafo rests on the shoulders of those who preceded her.

      The fact that Tiffany Vandergraff came out of a position of severe political opposition in the Tetans, went directly to the Republic, infiltrated it, and after rising to power, did absolutely nothing, if not seeming to actively destroy it and suddenly abandon it when it collapsed- and no one else is scratching their heads saying, “Wait a minute…”

      Oh, right. I keep forgetting- recognizing that would require more than a handful of brain cells.

  3. From the Desk of The Imperial Ministry of Public Relations
    December 3, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    The Republic proves again the superiority of the Imperial Doctrine and Imperial rule of law by displaying it’s incompetence for the galaxy to see

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