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Queen Thalia Janick Announces a Change of Government for Velmor

December 2, 2012

Reporter Daana Kira attended a public speech made by Queen Thalia Janick.

A crowd begins to gather to hear the Queen.

A crowd begins to gather to hear the Queen.

A large crowd came to hear an important announcement made by Queen Thalia Janick, that included dignitaries and military personnel from around the galaxy. She made the speech in the capital city’s Denira Theatre located in the main square where she announced that Velmor would now have an elected monarchy instead of an absolute one, bringing an end to her family’s rule. She also told of the dire condition the Galaxy was in, the failings of the Republic and introduced one of her new advisors.

The Queen gave the speech despite her clearly frail condition from an illness and by her own words this is what she had to say following a statement that she was suffering from the Velmoc flu and a request for people to get immunized;

Queen Thalia Janick:

Good evening to the people of Velmor and to the galaxy at large!

I’m going to be up front with all of you. There’s no point in dancing around it, after all. We live in a very grim time right now. There’s a tremendous amount of corruption in this galaxy. The Sith are a dominate force. Their power and influence often washes over us like an unstoppable wave. And the Republic, a symbol of unity in better times, is crumbling before our very eyes.

Where are the heroes? Where are the protectors? And, more importantly, where are your voices? Who has silenced you and why? I want you to scream yourselves raw until you cannot be ignored no longer. I fight oppression, but I’m only one voice and one body. We must stand together and fix this galaxy. It can be saved, but only if we care enough to fight for it. We must be aggressive. There’s no other way.

I pulled Velmor from the Republic for several different reasons. First of all, the Velmorian people are my top priority. It is my duty to keep the planet safe and happy. The Republic was a threat to Velmor because of its instability and corruption. Whether I think the Republic can pull itself together or not is irrelevant at this point. If they can, they will. If not, the Republic will collapse and a stronger, more unified form of government will come along. If the Republic cannot save the galaxy, something else will. I have faith.

Secondly, I was personally troubled by the way in which the Republic handled Hixal Aulus’ case. They accused him of murdering the former Vice Chancellor. That’s a rather colossal accusation. And yet the evidence against him was a single page document. That’s hardly evidence. Shaka the Hutt kidnapped me a little over a month ago. He intended to publicly execute me but the Republic intervened. However, what if I wasn’t in a position of power? Do you think the Republic would have still rescued me? I wonder about their intentions. It’s rumored that the evidence against Hixal was fabricated. If the Republic made a mistake, they should have come clean about it. There’s no use sweeping dirt under the rug. It’ll still be there in the morning. Why was Hixal, a citizen and a former senator of the Republic, left to drown while I was pulled from the murky depths? It doesn’t quite add up… or maybe it does.

There has been a change in the Velmor’s monarchical government. It is my pleasure to announce that the Velmorian government has turned into an elective monarchy. The voting system will be both technologically advanced and highly convenient. The Velmorian populace will get to vote in their very homes. The Velmorian people have spoken and I have listened. They wanted an elective monarchical government and I obliged. The new constitution will be made available in the Jedidiah Library in Velmor in two weeks time.

I would also like to introduce my newest advisor to the Velmorian people. Kinsa hails from the Tol Velmoc mountains and she’s one of the most perceptive individuals I’ve ever met.

In the last part of my speech, I would like to introduce a movement that promotes unity and free thinking. It’s called The Velmorian Liberation. This force seeks to oppose those who wish to silence others. To the Velmorian people and the galaxy at large, do not give up hope and do not stand down. How many of you are fathers, mothers, or siblings? Do you have children or close friends? We mustn’t forget what brings us together. We mustn’t forget the most beautiful things in life. We–“

Advisors come to the aid of the collapsed Queen.

Advisors come to the aid of the collapsed Queen.

Before the Queen could finished her speech she collapsed against the podium. Several of her aids and guards rushed to her aid and had her transported to the medical facility. Her current condition is unknown, but the audience which was enthusiastic about the changes she had proposed were stunned and worried for her.

GNN wishes for the Queen to make a speedy recovery and will report on the effect her speech and changes have on the people of Velmor in the coming weeks.”

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

Velmor authorities also provided a recoring of the event included in this report.

  1. Velmorian Public Relations
    December 2, 2012 at 6:45 AM

    Queen Janick wishes to make it known that she is doing well and is recovering. While the events last night were alarming, the medical staff at the Chozz Medical Center wishes to assure the populace that the affliction is minor and that the queen will be back on her feet in a few days.

  2. Master Solo
    December 2, 2012 at 9:37 PM

    This go out to the medical time of velmor. I would like to offer the government any help that The new jedi order and offer to there people and to there world if. We also send are good wish’s to your queen and hopes she feeling better and gets well soon

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